‘Dodgy Doctors’ Helps Nigerians Find Out if Their Doctors are Con Artists

The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) says large numbers of confidence tricksters or ‘quacks’ across the country are pretending to be doctors, without any medical training at all.

The parasites are motivated by money, charging unsuspecting patients for their ‘lifesaving’ services…but the real cost to Nigeria is calculated in human lives, with patients maimed or needlessly dying because of misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment.

“They are evil geniuses. Very elusive, and difficult to catch,” says the MDCN’s Inspectorate director, Dr. Henry Okwuokenye.

West Africa’s largest news site, SaharaReporters, has partnered with Code for Nigeria to launch a tool that is designed to change this.

The new Dodgy Doctors service uses official MDCN data to help citizens quickly and easily check whether their doctor is properly registered, and whether they are in ‘good standing’ with the medical authorities.



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