“Why People Call Me London Tailor”-UK Based Actor Speaks On His new movie; IDAPADA

October 27, 2016


His sojourn into the movie world started almost 2 decadesback and  he has been able to carved a niche for himself in the industry.

Taiwo Olanrewaju Jimoh has become a big name in the movie industry in Nigeria, though he is a Nurse in far away United Kingdom, his undaunted love for  movie has made him returned to the country with a new Yoruba movie titled IDAPADA. The handsome dude exclusively told Yorubamoviegist.com what influenced his nickname amkng other interesting issues. Excerpt: img-20161025-wa0020

What brought the movie IDAPADA?

To start with, my name is Taiwo Olanrewaju Jimoh popularly known as London Tailor. It’s an interesting movie about a young man who lives abroad but always had a dream of being repatriated back to his country! It’s an awesome story that every home must see. We have a lot of popular faces in Idapada.

The name London Tailor, how did you come about it?

It’s a great name people call me in the United Kingdom where I reside. Many do ask me if I am into fashion designing but no! I got the name in a play I did some time back. It’s all about bringing myself very close to the masses and putting smiles on their faces through what I know best.img-20161025-wa0019

Your career, when and how did it start?

It has been a long time approximately 20 years ago, but I took it up professionally over a decade now. Since then; I have been doing what I know best, communicating what is going around me to the masses through my talent. I have great people around me that have made the dream a reality. One of such people is Odun Oloto, he has been a good friend and a confidante.

Did you get trained under him?

Can I say I got trained under him, no! I have always been an executive producer but with his help and advice on how things are done better, I have been able to merge what I have with how it works in the industry and today it’s a success story.img-20161025-wa0018

Have you featured in any Nigerian movie?

Oh yes! Odun Oloto was the one that took me to a location, he made me take a role which I initially thought I might not be able to interpret well, but to my amazement, I did well. The movie’s title was Eje Eleje.

How many movies do you have to your name?

I have over 10 movies I have done, but all my movies are skit, they are five to 10 minutes drama. They are all on internet; you could find them on YouTube and other social media.

Why did you choose that avenue; why not the old ways of producing and making it available via marketer at Idumota?

I am not a Nigerian based actor, I reside in United Kingdom and the issue of piracy and the bureaucracy that goes with selling one’s movie to Idumota marketer are things I wasn’t familiar with so I chose internet as a starting point.

Having your skit on internet how lucrative has the avenue being?

For real, I haven’t been making money on the short movies I put on internet, what I have gained so far is the publicity and accolades I get from fans from close and far every day.

Your short movies, how many cast do you have on it?

At times 5 cast or more, maximum 8 people with popular faces. The last one I did has some popular faces like Taiwo Aramokun, another lady in London, Bola Ara; Lizy Ige and others. The movies are always short but meaningful. They are basically on contemporary issues that could benefit and salvage the society.img-20161025-wa0015

Do you have any intention of coming to Nigeria to produce a movie that will go round every home?

Exactly! That is why I am home. Idapada would be my first movie and I have the intention to do more with great standard. I am here to make a difference. I want to give my fans great value for their money with quality propagation of our cultural values.

How many Nigerian movies have you acted in?

I have couple of them; Eje-eleje; Oku Igbe , Oore kan; Eluku Gbewiri; Ajadi Kolapo and many others that I can’t recollect now.

Idapada, what makes it different from what we have been seeing around?

It’s a movie with a class. Having travelled far and wide, I believe putting this together will project a lot about our cultural belief and many others that has to do with human endeavours.

Who are the cast of Idapada?

Amongst them are Ayo Adesanya, Rasak Owokoniran; Alhaji Ade Aderenle, Lara Picollo and many others.

What other things do you do besides acting?

Professionally, I am a nurse! I also present programs on internet, educative program with core Africa values!



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