Flash Back: “People You Must Work With If You Wants To Succeed In Acting”- Late Hubert Ogunde

In one of the documentaries did on the life time of late theater Legend, Dr Hubert Ogunde revealed the set of people actors must work with if he or she must succeed in the industry. He further spoke on the different between artiste and businessman.ogunde
According to him, “The African belief is that, when you have mission to fulfill in this world, you are the rare sent to fulfill this mission, your assistants will be provided too by the providence. We Africans say when you meet a wife and you marry her and there is no problem or there is but you are able to solve them, we think everything has been rearranged by God. So, I now know that because of what I was sent to do in life, my children and wives are specially provided to be my assistants. These are the people you must work with to be successful in the industry”

Who is a good businessman? He answered, “I think in my own opinion, a good artiste is not a good businessman. If you are an artiste, you can’t be a good businessman. A businessman has to be coining while artistes go straight, and in that case, I cannot call myself a good businessman”.



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