Everytime I look at pictures (I mean legally look at pictures, not the illegal hacking/spying of people’s PRIVATE photo storage to perform peeping tom functions on their PERSONAL private photos/selfies stored on phones, tablets, ipods or other storage devices and which they did not say they were sharing with the whole world), I wonder what is the effect on others who are viewing such photos, say in Nigeria.

Nigerians outside the country often have pictures which make them look like they are straight from a glamour magazine fashion shoot. Not sure why overseas photos have this effect (maybe the camera lens or something). But generally speaking, with a few exceptions, pictures taken abroad tend to have this fashion shoot look, like straight out of the catwalk.

Now imagine a Nigerian,thinking about where to get his/her next square meal, or managing his/her garri. Or in an IDP camp, gazing on these foreign Nigerian pictures and longingly wishing for the day when they will also be able to look as good as the “models” shown there. On the outside looking in, waiting to be on the inside looking out.

The photos taken in non-Nigerian settings seem to embody everything that Nigeria is not, thus emphasizing or is it underlying the vast differences between first and third world. This vastness is further highlighted and perhaps (or perhaps not) exaggerated like hyperbole due to this (seeming?) chasm.




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