Toronto could hit the big time with its own IMDb page

Jan 05, 2017


For a town once known as Hollywood North, Toronto’s Economic Development Committee is pushing for something that even the real Hollywood doesn’t have: its own page on the Internet Movie Database, or IMDb.

The venerable website – sort of a Wikipedia for the film and television industry – is a go-to online resource for industry players, researchers and just curious web-surfers looking for the CVs of actors, directors or writers, or cast lists of movies and television series, whether they be popular or obscure.

On Jan. 3, Toronto’s Economic Development Committee was to have considered making a pitch to establish a page for Toronto on the website.

The debate didn’t happen – the meeting was shut down for lack of quorum, as two members, Norm Kelly and Ron Moeser, were ill and unable to attend.

But Committee Chair Michael Thompson said it made sense to bring Toronto’s story to the IMDb, to highlight Toronto’s own considerable contribution to the screen industry over the past half-century or more.

“This website has been around now for quite some time and I think it’s been an unfortunate situation that we haven’t pronounced on this before,” Thompson said. “I do think our film sector is such that there are so many interesting elements to it, and there should be points of reference where people can do research.”

Toronto does have a storied history in the world of film. It is the longtime home of the Toronto International Film Festival, has been home base for directors like David Cronenberg, and has served as location for blockbusters and popular television programs like The Suicide Squad and Orphan Black.

The idea comes from recommendations from the Toronto Film, Television, and Digital Media Board made in November 2016.

The board is also proposing to discuss a Toronto promotional trailer to be run before films in movie theatres, possibly in conjunction with Film Ontario.

A search of the IMDb did not yield other pages describing cities and the films made there, although there is a city-by-city category for “most popular people born in” certain cities.

The matter will be debated at a future meeting of the Economic Development Committee, which still has to be scheduled.

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