Nigerian Overseas Radio/Social Media Personality Ass-kissing And Ethnic Bigotry.

There are two major groups of people rapidly emerging from Nigeria’s social media environment; the ass-kissers and the ethnic bigots. The next time you are about to click to post a comment, click to like a post, or click to tweet or re-tweet a message, please take a moment to think to which of these two categories you belong. . .  Well, members of the common Nigerian 419 squads that are already versed with various niches on social media market are exempted for now. Please read on, there is no time to waste.

As Nigerians continue to establish their place within social media –a very important tool of change and globalization – there is more to be seen and learned on how it can be utilized; the world is yet to see the full potentials of social media, until Nigerians fully come onboard to revolutionize how it is used. . . That’s why a Nigerian immersion into social media is always important to look into. But let’s look into what is currently trending on Nigerian social media at the moment.

Despite the increasing integration of people on social media, ethnic bigotry is not waning within Nigeria’s social media environment. We could relate this to the characteristics of exchanges of posts, likes, tweets, and re-tweets on social media from the home country’s social media exchanges. In a market where political commodities lead the trade markets, we could narrow down our interests to the Facebook pages and Twitter accounts of Nigerian politicians gaining their grounds on these platforms.

In other words, one may expect that as social media integration proceeds, syndromes such as ethnic bigotry may disappear or become increasingly irrelevant within Nigeria’s social media environment. Surprisingly, however, this does not appear to be the case. One symptom of ethnic bigots . . . 



This leads to the question: what makes one more of an ethnic bigot on social media than others?

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