How to overcome temptation: 8 top hints for Nigerian believers

8 powerful strategies for overcoming tempation will boost your confidence in God and in your ability to live a holy life. Get started now.

Temptation is something present in many religions. Moreover, it is something each of us deals with in our daily lives. However, before we talk of how to overcome temptation, we should obtain a profounder perception of what it is.

how to overcome temptation

For one, temptation is a choice we make. When temptation comes, we get the ability to pick one of two or more alternatives. Some people say “irresistible temptation” or “I had no option, I was so tempted”. It’s not true. Such things are excuses. The whole concept of temptation revolves around the options you have.

overcome evils with good

The Bible states: “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” Romans 12:21. This means there are two possible choices: good and evil.

The temptation is a strong urge to do the thing that is not proper. And yet, we possess the power to do good and overcome the evil by making the accurate choice.

The topic of temptation is tightly interwoven with the query: how to be a Christian. Overcoming temptation is a fraction of daily Christian life. You cannot be a believer and avoid being tempted. And you cannot proceed yielding to temptations and be a born again.

The whole Christianity concept revolves around carrying out a triumphant life overcoming wickedness and iniquity. That is why Jesus was born and perished on the cross. He has authorized us to live in pureness and delight. These 10 top hints on how to overcome sinful temptation would help you get the most of what God has in stock for you.

1. Pray

prayer ovecomes temptation

There was the story of Jesus and His devotees in Gethsemane. He commanded them to stay wakeful and pray to bear the enticement. Obviously, prayer is an effective weapon against it. See, temptation is a part of our day-to-day battle.

All the picks we make shape our prospects. Some individuals do not deem they convey the full responsibility for their lives. They blame it on government, on their parents, on their country, on devil or even on their pastor.

Nonetheless, you are the one to attribute all your failures to and praise for the victories. Of course, God is for you and He is the one giving you power.

But He would never do stuff you should do. He has done all He that was possible for you, but not instead of you. The temptation battle is yours to win.

How you do it will mark your future. View temptation as your promotion chance. If you run it right, you get up on the next level. You attain a more advanced rank of responsibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of God. If you collapse, you would have to return and take that test again. So, if you wish the temptation to end, just pass it. Stay in prayer. Concentrate your mental powers on good things.

Apostle Paul in Philippians (4:9) tells us to pray and think of what is good, noble, pure, etc. Prayer helps you get distracted from temptation and focused on God. The power of temptation is in how much attention and desire you give it. The more you give, the stouter it becomes. So, get unfocused on it through prayer!

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2. Read

the Word of GodThe Word of God has the potential to support you and head you into the right direction.

It clearly reveals you with will of the Lord and aids you in making the right choice. You can stand on His promises (1 Corinthians 10:13). Paul says the Word of the Lord is like a sword.

Attack is the best way of defense. So, get armed with the Word and push back that temptation. Fight it and conquer it by proclaiming and believing His word and by obeying it. Be the doer, not just the reader!

3. Jog

how to overcome temptation

Here is another great scripture for you: 1 Corinthians 6:18. The key word here is “flee”. There are times to lead the battle, and there are times to retreat.

You can hardly win some things, such as sexual impurity by just standing there next to a hot girl or guy and meditating or reciting the Word. What you should do is some exercising, i.e. running. Just jog out of the urge by removing yourself from any likelihood of doing the very thing you want. It works well not only with sex.

If you tend to overeat, “flee” such places, as cake-shops. If you have problem with alcohol abuse, do not go to bars or parties. Just be smart and avoid the places where temptations can become truly irresistible.

4. Resist

resist the devil and temptation James 4:7 You are not the only one, who should do some cardio workouts here. At times you just stand your ground and tell the Old Nick to get out of the way. When do you do that?

It’s those turning points in your life. Do not believe the evil spirit will bolt from you in the “spiritual warfare”, when you pray all alone in your room. At times, he has to be told openly and you need to proclaim your position to the world.

Here is a good example. Let’s say a person used to abuse alcohol, but now they are saved and go to church. Their old friends may show up and offer a drink. It’s a great time to take a stand and tell the devil go away. You resist him by say no to those people. At times it may mean you lose some “friends”, but are they truly your friends?

Do not be anxious to see them go. Just say no and stand your territory. This may apply to all kinds of things. Occasionally you have to be in the opposition to your family, when they entice you to go the easy way and sin. Or, your chums, who may be overspending money and getting themselves into financial trouble through excessive shopping. Just say no and resist.

5. Know who you are

There is no way of withstanding a temptation, unless you realize who you are in Christ. 1 John 4:4 We are the offspring of God. This means we have His nature in us. He does not get tempted by evil. He has no awareness of it. The same is right about us, but we may not know it yet.

Devil makes all possible to come and remind you of your gone life. He may voice who you were: an alcohol abuser, an obese person, sexually impure one, harsh or irritable individual. You are not. Now you are the new creation in Christ Jesus. Old nature is gone. You are the child of God bestowed with His power to overwhelm the enemy. If you come to realize it, you can win in any confrontation with sin.

6. Get empowerment

howt to overcome temptation 3

What’s that? When you wish to be strong physically, you workout. How do you workout spiritually? By reading and doing the Word. Serve other people instead of looking to be served. Nothing is as empowering as ministry.

It’s like powerlifting. You start small and grow you muscles. You become able to do more over time.

You pray for others, when you have tough times yourself. You help others and give, when you are in need and God sends His empowerment supernaturally to you.

7. Crucify the flesh

It is a hard one, but only if you look at it superficially. Most people still love their flesh. What is flesh and how can you overpower temptation crucifying it? It’s the old you, the one that survives no more. If a person used to be greedy, they are giving and generous in Christ. They just need to deal away with the old habits.

How do you do it? By doing charity. The more you give, the more you kill that old thing and create new patterns in life.

Psychologists say it takes almost 30 days to create any new habit. Keep on giving for 30 days and you can learn the generosity and crucify the greediness. Or any other temptation you may have in life. Make a plan. Identify the very things that stumble you and plan your activities to beat them.

8. Overcome

overcoming the temptation

Keep on doing the thing until you win. How long would it take? Until you convert to a new being. These things do not just materialize. You need to come up with a strategy for them and put forth efforts to implement them in your life. Temptations are simply the indications of the parts in your life you need correction in.

Welcome you temptations and follow those marks. Use them for your good. Train you power of will and let the power of God flow into your life.

He makes you strong enough to beat the old ways and shape new and more productive ones. You go from glory to glory, from power to power. It’s a process and it’s OK to fail and fall. Just get up and go on until you overcome the thing that comes against you.

Remember that most temptations do not come from outside. They are hidden within you. They are in your mind and in your emotions. When you deal with them, you learn to master yourself. That is why James writes us: “Consider it wholly joyful, my brethren, whenever you are enveloped in or encounter trials of any sort or fall into various temptations” (James 1:2).

What does not kill you, makes you tougher. Do not shun the temptations. Learn from them. Get trained to subdue yourself and become the victor in life.

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