‘There are temptations’: Married At First Sight psychologists reveal shared living arrangements could see brides and grooms falling for SOMEONE ELSE’S partner in explosive season

Married At First Sight brides and grooms will be open to temptation on the show
They will all live under the same roof in an apartment block, testing their bond
They will have weekly commitment ceremonies to question their relationship
Couples also have dinner parties together where they get to know one another

They married at first sight, and now they are all living under the same roof.

The couples on season four of Channel Nine’s controversial show will be open to temptation when episode one of the series kicks off on Monday.

The relationship experts behind Married At First Sight Australia revealed to the Today Show this season will put more pressure on newlyweds than ever before.

By placing all the couples in the same apartment block they will not only test their bond, but see if they are able to resist temptation.

The couples on Married At First Sight Australia will be open to temptation on season four of the show as they all live together under the same roof

‘We’ve brought them all together to really test the bond that they’ve got but also there are temptations that go on,’ relationship psychologist John Aiken said

Today host Lisa Wilkinson asked if there would be ‘corridor creeping’ to which Mr Aiken (far left) said: ‘call it what you like’

The new show format prompted Today host Lisa Wilkinson to ask just what happens if one of the newlyweds falls for someone else’s bride or groom.

Relationship Psychologist John Aiken said it is something that can happen in real life, and that’s what they wanted to test.

‘We’ve brought them all together to really test the bond that they’ve got but also there are temptations that go on,’ he said.

‘Corridor creeping you mean,’ Lisa interjected.

‘Well call it what you like… it’s another element to the experiment that we really wanted to amp up,’ Mr Aiken concluded.

Each week the couples will have a commitment ceremony where they ‘grill the experts’ about their match-making choices

For the first time all the brides and grooms will meet before they tie the knot, with separate hens’ and bucks’ drinks

Season four promises to be bigger than ever before, with 20 singles getting hitched.

But dating expert and psychologist Mel Schilling stayed coy on the Today Show, refusing to give away if any of the couples lasted the distance.

‘There are some fantastic relationship journeys,’ she said.

The experts are not letting slip whether any of the couples stay together, instead saying there are some ‘fantastic relationship journeys’

But it seems one bride may already have forgotten about her television ‘husband’, with Woman’s Day reporting single mum Lauren has ‘already moved on with another man’.

According to the publication, Lauren posted photos of herself and a ‘mystery man called Jake’ to Facebook.

‘When your boyfriend randomly decides to book a last minute trip,’ she captioned a photo of two boarding passes both citing the same last name, prompting Woman’s Day to question whether they may even have recently wed.

New Idea magazine also reported there would be drama on camera, with fights at one wedding.

Married At First Sight Australia will air on Channel 9 at 7.30pm Monday.

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