‘My husband’s ex-wife is too close for comfort’

What should a woman do if her husband’s ex-wife is causing problems in your marriage?


This worried woman needs advice to save her marriage (Illustration)This worried woman needs advice to save her marriage (Illustration)

“Dear Pulse,

My name is Blessing and I have been married for three years now but I am no longer comfortable with the way my husban’ds ex-wife is trying to make herself a member of the family by all means.

Before I got married to Desmond, he had divorced the woman over her adulterous lifestyle (that is what he told me anyway). They had a son between them and Des made sure the boy grew up with us, saying that he does not trust the woman to give him the right upbringing.

But since last year, the woman has been getting too close to my husband for comfort and I suspect they could easily begin sleeping together. She comes in anytime of the day on the pretext of seeing her son and when Des is at home, she flirts with him shamelessly, even attempting to kiss him whenever she thinks am not looking.

I have complained about this to him but he says she means no harm but I don’t trust him. A friend has told me she saw the two of them coming out of a hotel some weeks ago and when I confronted him, he denied ever going to a hotel with her but I am no longer comfortable, especially when the woman told me I am just holding her man for her, that when she is ready, she would come back for what belongs to her.

Do you think I am over-reacting?


Dear readers, on Morning Teaser today, we ask: what would you do if your husband’s ex-wife is trying to get him back by all means?


What would you do if your husband’s ex-wife wants him back?»

  • I will fight her with everything I have
  • I will divorce my husband if he ever gets back with her
  • I will ban her from coming to the house
  • Vote »

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