I’m dating a married woman

MAY 4, 2015

I’m a young man in the University and very good-looking. Eight months ago, I started dating a woman I met in the same University but she is married to an abusive husband. A little over a year ago, she and her two young children finally left her abusive marriage and she moved back in with her parents so that she could finish her degree, which will take just about another year. From the moment we started dating, her parents have made our relationship a nightmare. They are extremely controlling of the relationship, abusive of her and her children, and generally make it almost impossible for us to be together. I have a very hard time “just accepting” this behaviour for the next year. I don’t understand a situation where this lady after being abused by her erstwhile husband will start suffering a fresh one from her parents and what makes them think they can control us. How do I deal with this very volatile situation?
Simon, Kaduna

Hello Simon, She has left the care of her husband to go under the care of her parents and she is not financially independent. As a student, she is still under the care of somebody and in this case, her parents. I believe the reality here is that her parents are not going to change. She obviously learned how to live with abuse by living with her parents. And you must realise that living at her parents house under such conditions is not good for her or her kids. The question is, what are you going to do about this? And how will you support her in dealing with this situation? You have two choices: encourage and support her in finding the resources and solutions to her financial and housing problems, and help her move out or to put up with the situation, and eventually walk away because the situation is unbearable. Custom Payday Loan You

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