The issue of taking things personally

Taking personally everything you seeing or reading on the internet these days, might be productive for some and counter productive for others, it depending on your context and your responsibility (renumerattions).

While it  unarguably very dificult to not react and respond to every single post or opinion , since you never know who or where you might get remunerated  for the same, considering exactly how beneficial it is to go over everything with a fine toothed comb and jump at every chance to show you are reading or is it following whatever anybody deigns to post “for your benefit”, can be mand bogling sometimes.

Let us not froget our imposed or unimposed dignity or self assurance in the name of following the blogs and posts of randommess. Unless the current world monetary system is inextricably tie to the same.

However, do as you wish, is the generral consensus. As long as it make sense to you in a manner, we will keep on watching. As we have no choice, we assume. Are we the once being paid to react and monitor  to every blog and post on web? You people are so lucky, you collect money or cash or kaind or many beneficials for what you are doing!  The ka ching nor be here atal!

And that, my dear, is how to make the irrelevant, relevant. Time tested. What better way of gaining importance than to climb on somebody’s head. Surreptitiously of course.

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