Where do you sit in Church?

Today’s post was inspired by an overheard coffee shop conversation:  A young woman was telling her girlfriends about her long-standing argument with her husband as to where they should sit in church. She explained that as in her childhood her Dad sung in their choir and her family always sat in the front of church to show their commitment to the service. But her husband felt that sitting in the front of church is merely trying to brag about your love of God.

I don’t think these are their real reasons at all, but instead these are examples of “fart logic” (see definition here). And I am not attacking church or belief in a god — instead, my point in this post is actually broader and more important than that.

We all have reasons (or should I say “rationalizations”) for what we do but we are rarely aware of why we actually do things. To explore this issue, please record your sitting habit in the poll below and then, if you wish, please write a comment telling us the rationales you have used for your habit — be honest!  And if you have ever doubted your rationales tell us what you now think the “real” reason for your preferences may be. In a comments I discuss my ideas and the results of this pool.  Please submit your thoughts for your evaluation.  Thanks.

Where do you prefer to sit in church/ classes/ theaters?

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