Breeding porcupines for cash in Nigeria

You may know the porcupine as a herbivorous exotic animal that can be domesticated in pens and cages. They eat grass, roots, tubers, grains and vegetables.

Of recent, the animals are increasingly showing up on plates in many households and top-class restaurants. Health-conscious people are switching from cattle to bush meat such as porcupine, giant rats, grasscutters, snails and antelopes. Porcupines don’t require the land that cattle do. They can be kept in backyards; they’re rugged and easy to produce.

Porcupine breeding has experienced a steady growth in the past few years. This is a significant change considering that for many years, porcupine and grasscutter farming were confined to farmers raising them as a hobby. There is hope that with the growing awareness of the benefits of their tasty meat, many people will embrace their breeding.

You may have known them as man’s best meat for decades, or just mere exotic animals who love eating agro by-products. But for Jovana Farms, the porcupine breed is a source of our daily bread.

Nothing else preoccupies our mind as much as porcupine, snail, antelope and grasscutter breeding, etc. We are massively breeding and supplying these animals to serious farmers and hotels. Today, we transact this business nationwide. We sell many breeding colonies and pairs, mature porcupines, grasscutters, snails and antelopes, cages, feeds and accessories, training, among other activities.


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