International Organization for Migration Nigeria

Strengthening the Delivery of Reintegration Assistance to Returning Nigerian Migrants from Europe under the auspices of AVRR programmes



This project aims to provide extra reintegration assistance to complement the existing IOM AVRR programs to Nigeria from various EU Member States. Reintegration support services in Nigeria have been implemented with different degrees of sustainability and success. Since October 2014, IOM has been implementing this project targeting Nigerian migrants returning from Europe.

The programme aims to provide the returnees with sustainable income generation activities and smooth integration into the local communities. The programme follows many years of successful implementation of IOM’s Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) programme in Nigeria provided to returnees from various existing European Union Member States including Switzerland. The programme is set to conclude in March 31, 2016.

The programme targets up to 450 migrants’ special attention will be paid to vulnerable migrants that may include Victims of trafficking (VOT’s), Unaccompanied Migrant Children (UMC).


The programme aims to enhance sustainable voluntary return and reintegration of migrants to Nigeria, including vulnerable cases (victims of trafficking, unaccompanied and separated children). Specifically, it seeks to:

  • Reinforce the return and long term sustainability of returning migrants to Nigeria through the provision of income generating activities, in addition to tailored activities for vulnerable migrants.
  • Engage key stakeholders in Nigeria in reinforcing the delivery of tailored RA, specifically towards job placement opportunities and vulnerable migrant sensitive protection.
  • To engage diasporas in selected EU MS as a means of providing information on return and reintegration.


  • Engagement of key stakeholders in Nigeria to foster socio-economic integration and income generating opportunities for returning migrants.
  • Assistance of SMEs by offering consultations and in kind grants

    Capacity building programmes for return migrants on business management techniques.

  • Delivery of specific social and psychological rehabilitation and reintegration for vulnerable persons.
  • Engaging the diaspora in EU MS in information campaigns on the project.
  • Strengthening of referral procedures for VoTs and UAMs through capacity building programmes and engagement with key stakeholders.


The total maximum amount available per reintegration plan is € 1200. The following types of assistance will be supported on the project: business set-up, temporary accommodation, educational/vocational training, business training, and medical assistance.

(a) Temporary accommodation:

This will include either payment of up to 1 year’s rent or payment of temporary hotel / guest house accommodation / or Shelter fees

(b) Educational/ Vocational training

  • Returnees can sign up to training in any of the following vocational  skills: Barbing/hair dressing, fashion design, auto mechanics, metal fabrication, electrical installation, carpentry, welding, generator repair, and computer hardware;
  • The training will last 9 weeks and includes 5 days of entrepreneurship training;
  • Students will be paid a monthly stipend of NGN 15000, during the training period;
  • At the end of the training, students get assistance to purchase equipment related to their training (within the reintegration support sum);
  • Two trainings are envisioned during the project ((Depending on interest of the returnees another one might be held).

(c) Business training:

All beneficiaries assisted under the project shall be afforded the opportunity to attend entrepreneurship training to build their expertise in small business management.

(d) Small Business setup

This will be limited to those undertaking the following businesses:

  Barber shop/hair dressing salon, boutique
  Motor spare parts, electronics, cement/building materials, grocery store, drinks, cosmetics, food stuff

(e) Medical assistance:

To support payment of fees incurred for treatment at a medical facility for a medical problem diagnosed pre-departure from the host country, including purchase of medicines, specialized medical treatment and follow-up, hospitalization, or physiotherapy.

(f) Emergency Support

  • For single mothers
  • For a maximum of 4 children
  • Up to EUR 300 per child for school fees and school materials or  accommodation


Before Departure

  • Publicity materials on the project to be disseminated among the Nigerian diaspora in each state.
  • Usual counselling before return to be done in line with the missions AVRR project. In addition, the returnee will be informed of the project and the type of assistance the returnee that can be provided.
  • Before departure, the Information on the returnee’s conditions and preliminary contact details in Nigeria should also be shared with IOM Nigeria.
  • Each returnee should be provided with the full contact details of IOM Nigeria and should be strongly advised to contact us as soon as possible after arrival.

After arrival in Nigeria

  • After arrival, each returnee will have a maximum of 2 months to contact IOM Nigeria for the development of an individual reintegration plan (IRP).
  • Once initial contact with the beneficiary is made, the program staff will relate the returnee’s work/educational history, interest, aptitude, ability and physical skill to a potential reintegration activity.
  • With assistance from the program staff, the returnee will fill a reintegration plan based on his economic/vocational needs and goals. The individual reintegration plan should be ideally completed by the returnee within 7 days of the counselling.
  • Once the business plan is approved, returnees will be encouraged to source for the required documentations to make purchases or payments related to their assistance plan.
  • Throughout the duration of the project, monthly monitoring of individual beneficiaries project implementation will be carried out by telephone. IOM will further conduct monitoring interviews on the occasion of field visits of the businesses supported by the project of all returnees within 6 months after return.
  • Capacity building on business management techniques. This will be done before or after business implementation and will be based on partnerships built with relevant stakeholders and business training development institutions. It will be in the form of business training or business mentoring programmes. It will also include facilitating access to micro-credit loans from the identified pro-poor financial institutions in Nigeria.
  • Information, Counselling and Referral for vulnerable migrants such as UAMs and VoTs. Program staff will check and confirm the availability of national referral structures to provide additional support to the migrants. Where applicable, the sending mission will make a presentation of health/ psychosocial assessment to understand returnee’s health condition that requires specific assistance before their return. The referral will be based on SOPs and standardized agreements developed within the programme.

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