Did You Know You Can Listen To The Bible In Pidgin English?

The Pidgin language rendition of the scenes from bible has always caused some excitement here in Nigeria. A number of us can remember the spoof about Jesus, where he broke eba* with his disciples.

It’s enjoyable reading the bible in a language or dialect peculiar to us. Which is why the bible is currently available in 531 languages and counting. So , it comes as no surprise that the bible is available in Pidgin. But it’s impressive that some developers went the extra mile to make audio versions.

Pidgin Bible and Pidgin English Audio Bible apps, which are audio versions of the New Testament (from Matthew to Revelation), is developed by Network System One and 9jaStar respectively. The apps allow you listen to the bible in Pidgin English with a dramatic twist to the narration.

The apps feature a chapter by chapter rendition. Once users hit play, they can pause or jump to different time spans in each chapter.

Network System One’s Pidgin Bible comes with Nigerian Pidgin, Cameroon Pidgin, Ghana Pidgin and Papua New Guinea versions. The app also features both the written language and the audio form. However, the written Pidgin scripture only covers the first two chapters of “Matu” (Matthew).

Network System One’s Pidgin Bible can also be downloaded chapter by chapter for offline access.



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