What are the things Nigerians love to do best of all?

What are the things Nigerians passionate about? What things they value and love doing? Check our impressive list of Nigerian’s top 10 favorite activities!


Nigerians are extremely interesting people. There are a lot of things they are passionate about even though they usually criticize their country. We have collected top 10 things which Nigerians enjoy doing.



Religion is a crucial aspect of life for every person living in Nigeria. There are two major religions in the country – Christianity and Islam. The Christians are the most serious regarding their religion. The impressive fact is that Nigeria is the second most religious country in the world! Moreover, there is no other country that can surpass Nigeria when it comes to the number of worship centers.

2. Family relations


Nigerians love their families very much. Therefore extended family relationships is an essential part of their life. When you celebrate something, you need to be very careful and invite all your relations. Otherwise, they will be mad at you.

3. Making money


Nigerians are very hardworking, ambitious and responsible. One of the main reasons of it is their love of money. Nigerians can do any kind of job just to make money. They feel terrible when they don’t have cash, and they are ready for everything to get it. However, it is always not enough. It doesn’t matter how much they have now; they want to have more every time.

4. Marriage


Marriage is the greatest thing which can happen to Nigerians. Their main goal is to have a family. It is also true even when a man has a lot of girlfriends and doesn’t want to be just with one partner. In this case, he still wants to marry, because every man needs to settle down. This desire to marry can be associated with Nigerians love and importance of family life.

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5. Showing off

show off

Nigerians can’t live without showing off what they have. They are proud of their possessions and achievements. They show off everything: cars, money, shoes, phones, even when these things are of the law quality.

6. Culture


Nigerians are very close to their culture and tradition. It concerns their traditional dishes, native language, clothes and attires, festivals, titles and so on. When Nigerians travel abroad, they always try to find some Nigerian dishes.

7. Parties


Every Nigerian enjoy parties; it runs in their blood. However, there are tribes that party the most – the Yorubas. They call it “Owambe.” The major parties include birthdays, traditional and white weddings, child dedication, naming ceremony, funeral and memorial services, chieftaincy title ceremonies and priestly ordinations. Nevertheless, Nigerians also can party without any special occasion and spend their last money to host the party.

8. Age hiding


Almost all Nigerians are tending to hide their age; especially it concerns ladies. They always keep it in secret even if there is no reason for that. It happens because they want to stay young and want other people to think that they are young. Growing old is the night mare for Nigerians. Al they want is to remain young, have fun and make money.

9. Music and dance


Nigerians are in love with music. Therefore Nigerians musicians are among the richest in the world. Dancing and music play irreplaceable role in society. It is a necessary part of every occasion or holiday.

10. Cars


The car is a great achievement in Nigeria, in fact, your status is defined by the car you ride. Nigerians treat their cars like it is a child and call it “my baby.” They buy a new one, because they want that car, not because they need it. Even if they have enough cars, they will buy more when they have money. However, they usually forget that cars require a lot of money after purchasing for maintenance, oil, etc.

If you can suggest other things to add to our list, share in comments!




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