6 Amazing Things You Must Know Before Getting Married

Weddings or marriage traditions in Nigeria vary from rural to urban areas, as they often follow several common customs.

6 Things You Should Know About Nigerian Weddings

Following several meetings between the couple’s families, ranging from offer of dowries and engagement ceremony are all traditional events done prior to the wedding ceremony.

However, while preparing for your wedding there are some certain things you have be careful about. Below are six major things you should know about Nigerian weddings;



6 Things You Should Know About Nigerian Weddings


An average Nigerian wedding is never complete without an Aso-ebi, as majority go the extra-mile in order to pick the perfect aso-ebi for their guests. It has been discovered that most guests look best while going for a wedding that when they attend church service on Sundays. Here, fabrics, shoes, bags, head fears and make-up are well coordinated as most ladies are there to show off their unique selling points to impress.


6 Things You Should Know About Nigerian Weddings

Money Show

At a wedding, “money show” is always the centre of attraction as the couples are showered with different currencies naira, pounds and dollars. The amount and denominations of money sprayed at a wedding determines the class of the wedding. However, if one is not careful guest who disguise they are helping you pick money; will end up stealing your money.



6 Things You Should Know About Nigerian Weddings

Guests At A Wedding

A Nigerian wedding will not be complete without the attendance of wedding crashers popularly known as, “mo gbo mo branch”. Due to the presence of free food, drinks and souvenirs, this set of people always come wearing a matching outfit as the one chosen at the event. This act, always makes the caterers run out of food which has been budgeted for those invited to the money.



6 Things You Should Know About Nigerian Weddings


There is always a competition of who gets the first and best picture of the couple. At a wedding almost everyone is a photographer as they block your view when the couple is making their grand entrance, dancing or taking their first kiss.


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Dance Dance Dance

This is one part everyone looks for at a wedding. The disc jockey is left to do his own thing, as he thrills the audience with different genres of music.





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