Milan Fashion Week Resurrects Corduroy, the Cloth of Kings


By the time Miuccia Prada trotted out over a dozen plush, shiny looks at yesterday’s highly anticipated Prada show, it was already clear that one fabric was going to define the season: velvet’s ribbed cousin, corduroy. That’s right, the kitschy-vintage trend that started as a fashion momenthas become a full-scale menswear takeover. But the corduroy that’s popped up on runways across Milan feels distinctly modern, blowing up the notion that this old-school texture is the territory of dusty professors and L.L. Bean woodsmen. This is corduroy appropriated for high fashion, where it looks flyer (and more versatile) than ever. Might the Prada effect already be taking hold? It sure seems like it—looking at the tailoring showrooms of Florence and Milan, corduroy defined the standout pieces of several Fall-Winter 2017 collections. MP Massimo Piombo, for one, showed a a chocolate-colored wide wale shawl collar jacket so perfect every fashion editor might as well just fly home now.

Here’s what our very own fashion director, Mobolaji Dawodu, had to say from his front-row perspective: “This season made corduroy a little fancier. Think about who’s doing it: Brunello Cucinelli. Caruso has corduroy in camel hair. Boglioli has a green corduroy that’s really nice. But there’s a range: The wide-wale pants that the small Italian brand The Gigi is doing are fly. And then the Prada corduroy looks more vintage 1970’s. Get in where you fit in.”

Below is everything we saw in Milan and Florence that proves you should start wearing corduroy as soon as possible—since you can bet that next year the fashion crowd (ourselves very much included) will be wearing it from head to toe.

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