“Government should build a Nollywood City to boost entertainment industry in 2017”

Mr Ini Akpabio, the Group Managing Director, NANET Hotels and Suite, has advised the Federal Government to build a Nollywood City to boost entertainment industry in 2017. Vanguard Newspaper reported.

“The National Theatre is a no go area for Nollywood practitioners as the money to access the facility is on the high side. It is unfair for a nation like Nigeria not to have a Nollywood city in spite of the great talented practitioners/experts we are blessed with in this country.”

Akpabio said that the Nollywood city would accommodate entertainers, actors and actresses, performers, comedians and creativity in general.

“It will serve as an avenue for them to exhibit and showcase their talents. It will also be a platform where their foreign counterparts will meet them to chat the course on the latest trend in entertainment industry,” he said.

He also encouraged government to partner with private investors to develop the industry by providing incentives, create enabling environment and provide necessary infrastructure for actors, movie producers and directors.


“Nigerian movies are widely recognised all over the world; therefore, government should provide the basic needs to boost the industry,” he told Vanguard Newspaper.

He expressed confidence that the industry would boost government revenues and create employment opportunity to millions of Nigeria.


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