9 production companies only true Nollywood fans would remember

Before the days of Anthill Studios, Koga Studios, Audrey Silva, Golden Effects Pictures, The Entertainment Network (TEN), there was Ossy Affasson and more.

There was an era in Nollywood when some people chose movies to watch based on the production company behind them.

Pulse Movies has put together nine production companies any hardcore Nollywood fan in the 90s should remember.

1. Ossy Affason

The production company was behind classic Nollywood movies including “Witches,” “Scores to Settle,” “State of Emergency,” “Danger Signal,” “Sensational Spy,” among others.

In the early 2000s, the production Ossy Affason always meant viewers were in for some action scenes.

2. Emmalex Associates

The production company was behind unforgettable Nollywood movies like “Obstacle,” “My Cross,” “Chain Reaction,” “Death Warrant,” “Long John,” “Intruder” among others.


3. Remmy Jes Production

“Private Sin,” “Emotional Crack,” “Games Women Play,” “Games Men Play” were some of the moves released by Remmy Jes Production.

4. Amaco Investment

The production company was behind star-studded classics including “1 Dollar,” “When God Says Yes,” “Romantic Attraction,” “Old School,” “Holy Cross” among others.

5. “Elonel International LTD”

Tarila Thompson’s production house  released the classic romantic movie “Power of Love.” Elonel is popular for other Nollywood movies including “Passion and Pain,” “The Last Offer,” “My Guy,” among others.


6. OGD Pictures

A production company that has given Nollywood classics that can never be forgotten in the history of the Nigerian film industry, OGD is behind movies like “Dangerous Twins,” “Diamond Ring,” “Hostages,” “Owo Blow” among others.

7. Infinity Films

The production company were behind Nollywood movies including “Lost Kingdom,” “Vuga,” “Mission to Africa,” “Above Death” among others.

8. O.J International

Alongside OGD Pictures, O.J International gifted movie lovers the household Nollywood movie “Diamond Ring.” Other movies associated with the production house include “Oracle,” “Igodo,” “Keeping Faith,” “To Love a Thief,” “Honey,” “Breakup” “Red Hot,” “Dons in Abuja,” “Azima” among others.


9. Great Movies Ind. Ltd.

Alongside Ossy Affasons, Great Movies Ind. Ltd released the 1998 movie “Witches” and “Scores to Settle.” Other of their movies include “Abuja Boys,” “Little Angel,” “Beautiful Faces,” “Billionaires Club,” “Escape” among others.

Other production houses include Sunny Collins, Simony Production, Kas-Vid Int LTD, Andy Best Electronic LTD, Cosnoris International LTD among others.

Which of these production companies do you remember? Which was your favourite?


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