Meet Denver Zoo’s newest Cape Buffalo!

KUSA – Sometimes in life, you just need to stop and look at something cute.

So, let us introduce you to Tamale, the Denver Zoo’s newest Cape buffalo!

She was born on New Year’s Eve – and you can now see her in the yard with the rest of the herd.

Can’t see Tamale? Click here:

After seeing Tamale, you may be thinking to yourself: “Can I have my own baby Cape buffalo?”

The answer is probably not, as the adults are too unpredictable to be domesticated and are actually known as the “widow-maker” for their attacks on humans, but they are fascinating creatures.

The Cape buffalo, or Syncerus caffer, is a large African bovine that is closely related to the wild water buffalo of Asia. They are found on the savannas of Central Africa, and are known for their large horns.

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