EU Rejects 67 Nigerian Foods In Two Years



Sixty-seven processed and semi-processed food products of Nigeria origin exported to the European Union were rejected in 2015 and 2016, investigations have shown.

A breakdown of data from the European Commission Rapid Alert System showed that 42 Nigerian food imports were refused entry into EU countries in 2015 and another 25 in 2016.
The RASSFF report said that the food items, which were discovered to pose risks to human health, were denied entry into the continent after border inspection and internal control measures were carried out.
According to reports, the rejected food items include brown and white beans, melon seeds, palm oil, mushrooms, bitter leaf, ugu leaves, shelled groundnut, smoked catfish and crayfish.
Others are live snails, prawns, ginger, melon seeds, sesame seeds, peanut chips, dried meat and fish.
Data showed that some of the contaminated and substandard food products from Nigeria were discovered in European Union countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Poland, Greece, Finland and Italy.
The commission stated that the rejected products did not meet the prescribed regulations and quality standards specified by the receiving countries.
According to the agency, some of the food items are illegally imported and do not have labels, proper packaging, health certificates and other entry documents.
It said that foreign agents discovered in some of them after analyses were glass fragments, rodent excrements and dead insects.
It noted that high levels of chemical contaminants, some of which were used in fumigation, like aluminium phosphide, dichlorvos, dimethoate, trichlorphon, cyhalothrin, were also discovered in the products.


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