Wedding Disaster: 10 ways to predict a ‘bad marriage’ in Nigeria

Bride crying on wedding dayBride crying on wedding day





A bride’s wedding day is one of the best days of her life but what can possible go woefully wrong to end a her marriage even before it starts?

Our grandmothers used to say “a bad omen on your wedding day could depict a bad marriage to come” and these ten points below could prove that our grandmothers have been right all along.

Rain on a wedding day 

1.) Rain

Many people chose to wed during the summer or dry season but when heavy rains decide to fall on your wedding day (even in the heart of that dry season), that’s a bad sign. My mom used to say, “this wedding is not supposed to happen”.

2.) Groom sees bride in her wedding dress before wedding

This is not allowed to happen. Our elders think it’s a bad sign and brings ill luck to the couple. According to them the groom has to be surprised by the beauty of the bride at the altar not before the wedding ceremony.

This is one sad manThis is one sad man


3.) Groom gets drunk at bachelor’s eve

This is definitely a sign of irresponsibility. Elders think the man will be a bad husband and may have just showed his true self before marrying the bride.

4.) Wedding dress malfunction

Heading to your own wedding and your wedding dress rips minutes before your arrival at the church? Damn! It’s a bad sign and some assume it shows the marriage won’t last.

Food vendor 


5.) Food poisoning

This a wedding day nightmare. Not only did the caterer not show up on time but the food caused your guests to suffer running stomachs or diarrhea? They will tell you, it’s sign of hunger, poverty or your wife will be a bad cook.

6.) Photographer doesn’t show up

What’s a wedding without pictures? If the photographer doesn’t show up on your wedding day, it’s a complete disaster. Our fathers say it’s a sign of irresponsibility or that marriage is not meant to be. I mean, why won’t there be pictures for others to remember your wedding?

7.) Mean exes show up invited

Couples fear the part when the priest announces that “if there’s anyone here who thinks this couple shouldn’t get married… speak now or forever remain silent.” This is the point when families and friends pray bitter exes are not present in the hall. Any hand raised or confession exposed could ruin the entire ceremony.

10 wicked wizards behind traffic in Lagos wicked wizards behind traffic in Lagos

8.) Traffic

Lagos traffic has been declared the craziest in Africa if not in the world. God help you that you,  the bride, is stuck in traffic when you should have been in church two ago. What does that tell of you? What do you think your in-laws will say?

9.) LASTMA impounds the car carrying the bride

This is just catastrophic!  When the road authority holds down the car carrying the bride on her way to the church, then that wedding is in trouble. We all know what happens when these officers have you in their palms because you are either desperate or in a hurry. It will be a nightmare, to say the least.

10.) Groom/Bride arrested in church

Just how bad could a Nigerian wedding go if the broom or bride gets arrested on his/her wedding day …  maybe in church during the ceremony? That wedding may never hold.

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