Why Do Nigerian Women Grow Fat And Ugly After Marraige?

Seriously, I didn’t just make dis up.After marriage all dey do is grow fat n it’s kinda irritating.Girls pls don’t get angry,just post with ur church mind.


There might be several reasons for such things to happen. One of them the woman was too focused on getting married. This was all she was dreaming about. Once she got what she wanted any stimulus to stay fit and good looking is gone. Another reason might be her hard life. Many women get married, get kids, work, keep the house, cook, grow their own food. They just do not have time or means to take good care of themselves. This is when men are to blame for their condition. A good husband would make it possible for his wife to take rest and have time and means to take good care of herself. Plus, if a husband does not pay due attention to his wife and does not indicate that her look are important to him, why would she care? So, pay her some compliments. Let her know you care and give her an opportunity to get good clothes, time for herself and makeup. You’ll be amazed at the results!



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