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Top 30 Ways Nigerians Lose Belly Fat and Weight in Nigeria & Transform Their Bodies

Today being February, we are officially 8% into the year of 2014 …Are you 8% closer to those goals you set out for yourself concerning your weight and health?

In my 10 years in the fitness industry and helping hundreds of clients transform their bodies, I’ve settled into some transformation principles that have helped everyone from the stay at home mom to the high performing CEO of a top performing company.

Here are my Top 30 body transformation tips. My recommendation is to take the ones that resonate with you the most and discard what you don’t deem necessary. 

Best way to use this is to PRINT out this page, choose one or two principles to apply to your life every week.  Making one small improvement every single week leads to 30 improvements for the year.

Imagine what your life would look like with 30 awesome improvements.  It would be life changing.  So are you ready?  Let’s go. 

1. Use Metabolic Resistance Training as your main workout at least 3x a week.

2. Challenge yourself by using heavy weights that you can do with perfect form

3. Build your workouts around the big 5 (Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Pull Ups and Military presses)

4. Build your workouts around weights being the primary mode of working with cardio being secondary.

5. Do the ultimate fat loss cardio program by doing 10-12 minutes of interval training followed by a nice 20 minute jog.

The interval training releases free fatty acids into your body while the long cardio run burns them off.  If you want an amazing cardio program for fat loss, you can use my Total Fat Loss Plan program here

6. Change up everything in your workouts from the tempo you do the exercises to the exercises themselves to the sets, reps…everything. The more inefficient we make your body during the workouts the more it will be challenged to deal with the new stress.

7. Try working out in a fasted state. Again, to know how to utilize fasting for weight loss, let my 25-Day Fast Weight Loss Diet program help you with that here

8. GRIP your weights like they owe you money. The grip is super important because it keeps your shoulder capsule locked in thus avoiding injury. When doing any exercise make sure you grip as hard as you can. Do this and feel the difference it makes for your body.

9. When training save your joints by stopping one rep before failure 95% of the time.

10. Use Mobility Warm Ups before each training session

11. Reduce the size of the meals you eat at night or in the evenings as our body energy reserves are already full at that time. Any excess results in weight gain or belly fat

12. Drink a litre of water first thing in the morning. Bonus points for putting a slice of lemon for detox and alkalizing effects

13. Replace all caloric drinks with water while you are at it.

14. Get yourself under a regular eating schedule and train your hunger like a dog

15. If it jives with you then skip your breakfast. To see how to utilize fasting or skipping breakfast for weight loss, click here 

16. Keep alcohol intake to a couple drinks a week. You cannot change your body if you’re binging on alcohol every single week. You just can’t. 

17. If you intend on drinking on a particular day then minimize the damage better by keeping your diet as low fat as possible.

18. Eat fat burning Nigerian meals, NOT fat storing ones. For examples of a fat burning meal and recipe, click here

19. Get rid of all of the toxic people in your life.  ’Nuff said.

20. Use the acronym #NFE in your life. NFE means “No Freaking Excuses”. If you want to put just any word in the middle then by all means go ahead.

 21. Eat high fat high protein breakfasts for greater satiety and more energy. I talk a great deal about fat burning foods here

22. Surround yourself with people who are focused on achieving the same goal you are. You are the average of the 5 people you hang around the most. Choose them wisely.

23. Love your body. No seriously …LOVE your body. Your results will be in direct reflection to how much you love your own blessed body.

24. Celebrate the small successes. You don’t realize it but you’re getting better every single day. Start celebrating each and every little (or big) success in your life.

25. Learn from your failure. Failure is not final. Neither is success. Learn from both and realize that nothing is ever final unless you make it so. “Don’t let your successes go to your head & don’t let your failures go to your heart.” ~ Will Smith

26. Own yourself and your results. Take responsibility for everything that has happened thus far in life and take total 100% responsibility. Meaning, you look the way you are because you caused it. Now DO something about it. 

27. If you are up to it then do a 24 hour fast once a week. The benefits of fasting are too much to put into this blog post. Do yourself a favour and get the 25-Day Fast Weight Loss Diet program.

28. There is no “secret” or “diet pill” to transforming your body. It takes a good plan, plenty of support and A LOT of hard work. Look at this Ghanaian actress (Nadia Buari) for instance. You see her on the screen looking all hot and “ajebutter”, THIS is what she does to look that way. It takes work and dedication. Understand that transforming your body is an evolution.

When you reach one goal you’ll most likely start to reach for another one. It’s all about evolving yourself, your knowledge and your body. Wherever you are start now.

Stop procrastinating and take the first step to go after the things you want in life.

29. Don’t take this fitness and nutrition stuff so seriously.

Avoid getting into arguments about which diet is best because they all work.  Stop criticizing other people based on their way of eating.  Everyone deserves to do what they think is best to change their bodies.  Let them be and focus on yourself.

 30. Repeated for emphasis. Own yourself and your results. Take responsibility for everything that has happened thus far in life and take total 100% responsibility.

Meaning, you look the way you are because you caused it. Now DO something about it.

This is all folks.

Take *some* of these 30 ways to transform your body and start applying it right now. Take that first step and then the next step after that. This is a wake up call.

Realize that you’re an amazing human being. Start acting like it.

In the end this is all about being The Best YOU you can possibly be. You don’t need six pack abs or need to be skinny to be loved. Be in love with yourself.

If you have some changes to make then take action and start the process to making your goals a reality. No one is going to do it for you. You gotta get up and get going.






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