How to reduce face fat?

Suffer from face fat? Don’t know how to reduce face fat? Read the article and follow the advice.

Is it important?

Face more often than other parts of the body suffers from various mischief — so that it is possible to calculate the lack of sleep, tendency to overeating just at a glance. If you are concerned with reducing the face fat — do not wait for anything, declare a battle to the cheeks and a second chin today, but don’t wait on a quick victory. So, how to reduce the face fat?

Chubby cheeks may look cute to anyone – but usually not so attractive to their owners.

Three factors that make your face fat:

  • Weight

On the cheeks, the cheekbones, around the temples and on the neck subcutaneous fat can ve easily accumulated, often in quantities that change your appearance beyond recognition.

  • Aging processes

It is connected not so much with age, but with a degree of degenerative disorders of the facial muscles and skin. Risk factors — heredity, smoking, hormonal disorders. Tissues become flabby, loose, sagging, the face looks fat and puffy.

Beautiful face

  • Swelling

Lack of sleep and fresh air, a vicious sedentary lifestyle, alcohol abuse, simple carbohydrates and salt, diseases of the excretory system often cause thin skin to hold fluid. In this case, the actual fat reduction may not be required, it is sufficient to restore the drainage and to organize the metabolic processes. Of course, with the assistance of a physician.

How to lose face weight: will the diet help?

Let’s begin with the bad: physically, chemically and technically it isn’t possible to make one point of your body – for example face – lose weight. As a rule, all the disadvantages of a diet and lifestyle primarily appear on the face, and the older we get, the more clear it becomes. However, there are also good news: the result of any positive changes, usually becomes visible in the mirror.

It is believed that the majority of women who suffer from face fat have so-called “Apple” type of figure (the so-called abdominal type of obesity in which fat deposits are concentrated around the waist). The basis for such phenomenon is genetic features of the figure that define the structure of the body and its individual parts. Most often, “the problem of the cheeks” is not associated with the actual soft tissues, it is based on the specific proportions of the face, location of the skull bones, etc.


Even a very thin person can have wide and large face — in this case, you should rely on cosmetics. Slimming face is the inevitable consequence of general weight loss. In that case, if you take steps to getting rid of excess weight, the face will inevitably lose weight, though perhaps it will take some time.

It isn’t recommended to apply for a strict and rapid diet — the results can be opposite to your expectations.

To help the skin preserve its purity and elasticity, it is important to observe the following rules:

  • drink daily not less than nine cups (180 ml) of simple pure non-carbonated water;
  • completely give up alcohol;
  • eat raw fruits and vegetables at least six times a day (only them or in the composition of food);
  • increase the intake of calcium (at least 1200 mg per day, talk to your doctor about the amount and sources!);
  • limit the consumption of salt and sugar;
  • visit bath, sauna (if no contraindications) and have regular stretching — it improves blood circulation and elasticity of muscles, including the face.

Massage, masks and exercises for reduction face fat

  • Morning massage

Another part of exercises

Struggling against extra chin and cheeks. Use small and not very thick towel moistened in warm infusion of chamomile, sage, lime, yarrow (for infusion you need 1 tablespoon of chopped dried herbs poured with a glass of boiling water which should be left for 20 minutes). Then make some sudden movements dramatically spreading the ends of the towel so that the fabric is flapping the chin.

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For the best effect “herbal” days can be alternated with “salt” ones. In this case, a towel for a massage is to be soaked in a strong brine (1 tablespoon of sea or iodized salt to 1 liter of water). It is important to take into consideration your skin type: for dry skin and skin with visible capillaries, the solution should be less strong and at room temperature, but for normal and oily skin – the solution can be made more concentrated and hot. After the procedure, is necessary to is apply your face cream on face and neck which suitable for your skin.

Do you know them?

  • Mask for face fat reduction

Ingredients: for oily skin use a base made of fresh yeast, lemon juice and egg whites (all mixed to desired consistency); for dry and normal skin base is added to oatmeal, bran and 2-3 drops of retinol.

Process: apply the composition to the face, neck and décolleté (2-3 layers). Lie down, tilt your head back to stretch the chin area. Wash off after 15 minutes. The mask should be done once a week.

  • Exercises to struggle with the second chin

In addition to strengthening the muscles of the face and neck you will also strengthen the cervical spine. Masters of face fitness recommend to do exercises for the face in front of a mirror, having pre-smeared problem areas by rubbing cream or lotion.

1. Move your jaws. Tilt the head to the maximum, push the chin forward and try to grab the upper lip by lower one.

2. Close your teeth. Pull down the lower lip.

3. Lower the corners of the mouth and strain the neck muscles severely, then have a relax.

4. Prop up your chin with your fist. With power lower the head and interfere with your hand. Movements can be both up and down and side to side.

5. Resistance in the opposite direction. Put your head down (preferably to touch the dimple between the collarbones with the chin), clasping your hands on the back of the head, lifting your head with power and pushing it forward with your hands.

How to change your face?

6. Bow your head to your left shoulder to touch your ear. Right hand is to be put on the right temple. Tilt your head to the right shoulder, overcoming the resistance of hands. Then do the same in the opposite direction.

  • Follow the posture

Despite the obvious connection, the habit to slouch is often the cause of puffy face and the appearance of double chin. A simple redistribution of weight, control over the straightened shoulders and raised chin, deep breathing can bring amazing results just in a week.

  • Change your pillow

Reading lying on your back can be a habit, useful for intelligence, but rather harmful to those seeking to lose face weight. Lush pillow during rest and sleep contributes to the weakening of facial muscles and the appearance of the hated extra chin, and edema. Output: to read in the chair and sleep on a thin pillow, orthopedic pillow or no pillow at all.

Before or after?

  • Make a correct haircut

The failure on the head can spoil your perfect appearance, therefore do not tempt the fate, if you know your weaknesses.

  • Do not neglect applying makeup

If the cheeks are more visible than you would like them to be, choose a lighter tone of lipstick: dark makeup emphasizes the imperfections and makes you visually older, but calm and neutral tint, on the contrary, puts a fresh spin. Sculpture the area around the eyes and cheekbones with the help of blush – the skillful concealer appliance gives you the opportunity to get rid of unnecessary drawbacks.


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