Do Igbo and Fulani Nigerians have mixed ancestry?

Just wondering because, most people in west africa are dark, but the two nigerian tribes Igbo and Fulani’s actually have a good number or light skinned people. There are these two Nigerians that go to my school, one from the Igbo tribe and one from the Fulani and they are both light skinned. Like even a bit..and they have sort of smaller lips and nose than the average west african. I asked one of them what he race was and she said she was just Nigerian, but her mom clearly looks mixed with something. I know that the British colonized Nigeria for a long time if that has something to do with it.
Update: They are the only tribe in west africa that has light complected people. .
Update 2: I’ve seen alot of light skinned Fulani people, but more light skinned Igbo’s.

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