8 Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older And Fatter



Taking care about your look sometimes could be fun sometimes it is hard task but we are women and this is our job. We all want to be stylish but how do we care about our style it is a questionable and it depends from many conditions.

Keep people guessing about your real age for years to come with these fashion tips and style swaps that turn back the clock. Here are some fashion mistakes that makes you look older and fatter.

You’re wearing the wrong bra: Believe it or not, the bra you wear can instantly make you look taller, thinner, and younger or not. Wearing the wrong bra isn’t just uncomfortable (as basically anyone who’s ever sat through a workday with their bra straps digging into their shoulder can attest)it can affect the way your clothes fit and inadvertently cause you to slouch, both of which instantly age you more than 10 years.

You’re a fan of chunky jewelry: While big, chunky pieces can give off a bohemian look, they also become outdated quickly. For a younger vibe, go for simple cuff bracelets, thin hoop earrings, or thin chain necklaces. If your jewelry box is a mess and needs a good organizing, try these creative ways to store jewelry.


You are a slave to trends: Trends come and go, so if that’s all you’re buying, you’ll soon be left with an outdated closet full of clothes and shoes that make you look behind the times. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t ever buy something trendy. With so many trends around, it is better to ask yourself a few questions before investing: Does the item make you happy? How many times a week will you wear this?” If you really love something, buy it and consider these classic fashion upgrades to make you look expensive.

You look like you’re in mourning: Black is chic, slimming, sharp, and sophisticated and severe, which is not the adjective you want if you’re trying to find the fountain of youth. If you’re not ready to give up your black, try adding a pop of color to your jewelry or accessories for a fresher, more youthful vibe or try these other ways to dress 10 pounds slimmer.

Your heels aren’t high enough: The more casual your shoes, the older you’re going to look, no matter what else you’re wearing. If you’re still wearing flats or low heels, swap them out for a pointy-toed pump instead, which will both up the sexiness factor on your favorite date-night outfit and help you look sophisticated without crossing the line into matronly. Not a heels person? Go for a pair of pointy-toed or ballet flats instead. Always make sure your shoes are cleaned and polished for a pulled together look.


You pile on florals: Florals and paisley can be hit or miss especially if the patterns are pale, dull, or neutral. Instead, try geometric patterns and stripes in a bright colours for a more playful look.

Shapeless clothes: Even if you’re not in top shape, it doesn’t mean that you should be wearing only shapeless, baggy and straight-falling clothes. You should always show off your waist line, so keep in mind that every piece of clothing needs some form. If you’re wearing oversized clothes that are too baggy, it looks as if you’re hiding from the world, and that’s not a positive message.

Too thick eyebrows: Thick eyebrows look youthful but only when they’re natural and on young eyes. The last thing you need is a big heavy eyebrow if you have a sagging eyelid.


8 Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older And Fatter

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