Readers say Amarachi’s husband should get another apartment for his new wife

This sad woman needs advice

This sad woman needs advice.

34% of Pulse Nigeria Poll have advised Amarachi to tell her husband to get an apartment for his new wife since he insists on having two wives.

Amarachi has been married for 10 years with three daughters but her husband, Ikechukwu as well as his people think she is to be blamed for not giving him a male child.

To this end, IK has gotten married to another woman from his village whom he believes will bear him a son but the problem is that Amarachi is not favourably disposed to her husband brining home another wife.

Read her story here:

“My name is Amarachi, a 28-year-old married woman. I got married when I was 18 and I have three daughters for my husband, Ikechuckwu, and this has been a cause of sadness for me and my daughters.

IK and his family have been giving me a running battle over my inability to have a son for him, with all of them blaming me as if I am the one who produces babies.

His sisters especially have been on my neck on a daily basis, insulting me and calling me names. I cannot even repeat the things his mother tells me anytime she comes to visit us or whenever we get to the village.

And instead of supporting me, my husband takes sides with them, often saying I have refused to give him a male child.

All attempts to let him know that it is the man who produces the sperm that fertilizes the woman’s egg has fallen on deaf ears as IK has refused to believe such tales, as he calls them.

This has also given him the license to date and sleep around with other women and whenever I complain, my husband would tell me he is trying to get a male child and that since I have refused to give him one, he has no option but to sleep with other women.

But the last straw was when he came back to Lagos from the village on December 29, 2016, (he had refused to allow me to go with him), with a young lady to pronounce her his new wife.

I was shocked because I had thought the girl was either one of his nieces or relations but he chose the most inappropriate time to make the announcement during the annual end of the year party of his town union and with everyone present, he told them that the girl he brought home was his new wife.

His people were effusive with their congratulations while the ladies passed snide looks at me. It was as if the ground should open up and swallow me. I bore the disgrace stoically and when we got home, I confronted my husband on what he did but he told me off.

He said he is bent on getting a male child and that he got married to the girl when he traveled home for the Christmas.

He told me that I either live with the girl as the second wife or I can leave his house with my daughters.

I don’t know what to do as I can’t afford to take care of my girls neither am I happy with sharing my husband with another woman.


The teaser for the day was:

Would you accept your husband’s new wife after many years of marriage?

How Nigeria voted:

Yes, I will accept her for peace to reign – 30%

No, I will not allow another woman to come into my home – 15%

That will be the end of the marriage – 21%

He will have to get another apartment for her if I must accept her – 34%

How would you vote here?

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