Is there anything wrong for a woman to carry condoms in her bag?


Morning Teaser

A confused Pulse reader, David, wants some advice on how to deal with a situation where his girlfreind goes about with condoms in her bag.

“Dear Pulse,

My name is David. I work and live in Lagos. I met this very beautiful lady in December  2014, and we started a relationship which I hoped would lead to marriage but I am beginning to have doubts about her.

After dating for about a month, naturally sex was the next thing to play and when she visited me for the weekend, we decided to do it.

I was surprised when she opened her hand bag and brought out a packet of condom. When  I asked her why she had to carry condoms about about, she told me she would not want to be caught without one.

Since then, anytime she comes to my house, she makes sure she buys condoms and even left some in my wardrobe.

I have spoken to some of the friends and they all seem to agree with her, with some saying she is a modern girl while some however, believe she is a loose girl who could be cheating on me with other man, hence her decision to carry condoms about.

I do not know what to believe here and I hope your readers will help me out.



Well readers, on Morning Teaser today, we ask: is there anything wrong in a woman carrying condoms in her bag?

Is it good for a woman to carry condoms in her bag?»


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