What are the top Nigerian street foods

Like to snack when passing noisy Lagos streets? Discover some of the best street foods served there.

Nigeria is a unique country with its own traditions and culture. One of the most interesting things here is cuisine. Today we are going to observe Nigerian  street food in particular. What are the most popular dishes? What are they made of? Let’s find out.
Nigerian street foods

Top street foods

Well, among the most unusual and tasty dishes, you may see the following:

  • Abacha. It is made of Abacha itself (which is boiled Cassava), garden eggs, fresh pepper, onion, Ugba (which is actually oil bean seed), Aharan (Nigerian vegetable). You mix all the ingredients and add a mixture of palm oil, crayfish and pepper. This dish is mostly cooked by the Igbo people. It often called African salad. One helping will cost you about N200.




  • Bread and egg. To prepare it, you will need fried eggs, onion, sweet pepper, salt and spices. All you require is to put it into the bread. You may find it on the market or in the streets of Lagos. The price is about N100.
    Bread and egg.



  • Hot Puff-puff. It is very hot and delicious. The ingredients include flour, sugar, yeast, water and salt. You need to fry it in a big amount of oil. An average price is N100.
    Hot Puff-puff.


  • Hot Bolli. It is often called Roasted plantain. It is actually grilled banana. It is extremely soft and tasty. The price is N100.
    Hot Bolli.


  • Popcorn and groundnut. Its native name is Gugury and Epa. Two ingredients are just put into a pack. Their tastes mix and make the dish special. It will cost you N100.
    Popcorn and groundnut.


Well, these are most interesting dishes, which are sold everywhere in the streets on Nigeria.

If you have a chance, you should try these ones! Buy them or cook them at home. The recipes are quite easy. Enjoy Nigerian food and know more about the cuisine of the country.




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