Eight of 10 African youth say Climate Change impacts their lives

Over 80 per cent of the African youth feel that climate change has affected their everyday lives, the COP22 Steering Committee said on Tuesday.

Quoting a survey held in 17 African countries, the Committee of the 22nd Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP22) said 86 per cent of the African youth consider themselves directly affected by climate change and note its effects every day.


“The African continent, which is particularly vulnerable to the effects of global warming, lacks the basic infrastructure necessary for sustainable economic and energy development,” the COP22 committee said.

The survey conducted on the millenials — those who reached adulthood by 2000 — stated that 94 per cent of African youth consider making renewable energies the first source of energy used in Africa a priority.

“For 92 per cent of African millennials, the fight for climate also requires access to clean water for consumption”, the committee said.

The survey found that 86 per cent of youth notice more frequent and unpredictable rains, 79 per cent report on increased diseases of crops and livestock, 77 per cent note the progress of desertification and 73 per cent note the increase in forest fires.

The 73 per cent youth consider access to water and 71 per cent believe that the development of renewable energies will be the most relevant initiatives to combat global warming.

“69 per cent of the youth want to be part of the fight against global warming and consider that they can achieve it by separating waste,” the COP22 steering committee said.

It also added that 53 per cent of African youth believes that government is not doing enough to combat the consequences of climate change, such as more forest firing and the water scarcity.

“These consequences have an impact on agriculture and food security. Africa will have to triple its agricultural production by 2050 to meet the needs of a population that will have doubled,” the committee said.

It praised the initiative of Moroccothat aims to secure financing for the adaptation of African agriculture and to increase agricultural productivity by securing 30 per cent of the investment plan from 2020 for the adaptation of developing countries.

The study was carried out from 7 to 16 November 2016 by CG Consulting on behalf of the COP22 Steering Committee in Morocco,Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.



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