10 Nigerian shows you should watch this season

From “Before 30” to “Husbands of Lagos,” check out 10 Nigerian shows you can binge-watch online.

Before 30


There’s something for every lover of Nigerian content.

Pulse Movies have put together 10 series you could binge-watch on various streaming platforms including iROKO TV, cixTV and Ibaka TV.

From “Before 30” to “Husbands of Lagos,” check out 10 Nigerian shows you can binge-watch online.

1. “Husbands of Lagos” – Iroko TV

“Husbands of Lagos” tells the story of five men living in Lagos and the women in their lives, and stars Bobby Obodo,Bolanle Ninalowo, Okolie, Uche Odoputa, Rich Tanksley, Mary Remmy Njoku, Susan Peters, Moyo Lawal, Yvonne Jegede, Ovire Peggy among others.

"Husbands of Lagos"“Husbands of Lagos”

2. “Before 30” – cixTV

“Before 30” sheds light on the issues an average single Nigerian woman faces in her quest to get married before 30.

The TV series is centered around four women living in Lagos and the pressures they face to be married before a certain age.


3. “Discovering ABJ” – cixTV

The show revolves around the exploration by a young female character of Abuja. The pros and cons of living in the capital city are detailed in this series.

4. “Delilah” – iROKO TV

With her powerful Attorney Jason Attah (Michael Okon) at her side, Delilah Ambrose (Okawa Shaznay) fights to preserve what’s left of her mysterious identity and clear her name. Will Delilah be able to prove to all that she is nothing more than a misunderstood sophisticated Woman? Or is she hiding a secret life that threatens all who fall prey to her?


The comic family drama focuses on the main actors – AY as himself, Ushbebe as the security guard/help, Venita as the spoilt Mimi, Alexx as the fraudulent JJ and Bucci as the jobless KC.

Poster of AY's Crib Season 1 Poster of AY’s Crib Season 1

(Bella Naija )

6. “Quicksand” – cixTV

A happy home is thrown into darkness with the untimely death of the lady of the house. Daphne, who has been having an affair with Mr Tonye Kentebe saw her death as a good opportunity to announce herself as the new wife.

7. “Desperate Housegirls”  – iROKO TV

A series based on the award winning film of same name, “Desperate Housegirls” follows the comical actions of maids, who wish to transcend to a better life by expanding their job description.

Desperate HousegirlsDesperate Housegirls


8. “Huzzle” – iRoko TV

The series follows two comedians who migrated from the great walls of Warri to struggle and hustle through life in Lagos.

9. “Life of a Nigerian Couple” – Ibaka TV

A mockumentary, “Life of a Nigerian Couple” chronicles the life a young Nigerian Couple who try to live peacefully without killing each other.

10. “In-Laws” – cxiTV

The highly entertaining series comically follows the age-long battle between couples and their in-laws.


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