How to Meet and Date Wealthy Widowers

Finding a single, rich man to date is the stuff female dreams are made of – you get to be pampered with the best that money can buy and have someone to love you as well. And yet finding a partner who is a bachelor and loaded to boot can be worse than climbing Mt Everest. Instead you could have more success with another group, one that is made up of wealthy widowers. Here are a few useful tips on how to meet and date wealthy men who are widowed and thus single.

Explore the workplace

One of the best places to meet wealthy singles is in their workplace. Professionals like doctors, lawyers and software engineers spend long hours at work because of the demanding nature of their jobs. Thus one of the surest ways to bump into them would be to get a job yourself at one of these places like major hospitals or legal offices. Likewise banks, corporate houses and hi-tech companies are other places where well-paid professionals can be found. In fact older, wealthy men have been known to be attracted to smart and professionally driven young women who have the brains to go with their bodies. On the other hand if you find the prospect of getting a job at these places rather intimidating, yet another option would be frequent cafes, pubs and delis around big hospitals, courthouses, doctors or lawyers chambers so that you can meet and chat up the eligible singles as they drop in for a latte or a bite after a long working day. In fact singles like widowers would be only too glad to linger around instead of returning to an empty house, provided they have no young children waiting at home.

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Special interest venues

Wealthy widowers who no longer have young kids to take care of are also likely to be the ones to indulge in expensive hobbies like wine-tasting, collecting rare artifacts, breeding race horses or travelling to luxurious destinations. Thus if you can be associated with such pursuits you stand a good chance of rubbing shoulder with rich widowed men. It might not be possible for everyone to own a stud farm or bid for an original Monet but in case your profession has something to do with the world of high art or fine wines, then perhaps you can see more of rich clients, many of whom might be widowed and thus single.

Fund-raising events

Wealthy widowers who have fulfilled their family obligations are also likely to be generous supporters to causes close to their heart or those which may have been patronized by their deceased wives. As such you may have a good chance of bumping into a prospective partner at a charity gala or a fund-raising dinner. And though you may notice a widower sporting a nubile female on his arm, bear in mind that very often such partners are designated for only the evening in question. Get chatting with a wealthy widower and ask him why he supports this particular cause – you never know you may just receive an invitation to his ranch for the next Sunday brunch. However if your limited resources don’t allow you access to these $500 a plate dinners, you can just as easily get involved with a non-profit organization; many wealthy widowers are genuine supporters of worthwhile causes and if you can convince them of the sincerity of your fund-raising efforts, you may have a good chance of seeing them more than once.

Advantages of widowers over other singles

If you are looking for a rich partner, it is unlikely you will find him among young men unless of course you are lucky enough to catch the eye of a wealthy heir. Among older men who are singles, widowers bring certain advantages to the dating table over divorced men. Number one is the fact that there are no jealous ex-wives in the picture so you can look forward to a relatively less complicated dating relationship. Equally important is the fact that your wealthy widowed partner is likely to have less of financial commitments in the absence of alimony and child support payments which eat away a chunk of resources of high net-worth divorcees. In fact you are much more likely to be the sole beneficiary of his emotional and financial resources if you play your cards right and are able to fill in the vacuum created by the loss of his wife.

Certain complexities

And yet dating a wealthy widower does not come without its share of complexities. If he has been recently widowed, it is likely that he has not truly got over his spouse and is merely looking for someone to fill in the shoes of his dearly departed wife. Even if your date has long been widowed, you need to consider the possibility that with ample resources, including a well-kept house, he would be in no practical need to marry again. Also even though there may be no financial commitments in the form of spousal or child support as in case of a divorcee, he may still be protective of his children’s interests – indeed more so since with the death of their mother, he may become even more conscious of the need for him to double up as a mother too.

The presence of children from the marriage may create another hurdle to an exclusive dating relationship with a wealthy widower. His kids may not only be jealous of their father’s attentions to an outsider but may even suspect you of being solely interested in their father’s money without any redeeming concern or love for the person.

Even if you are lucky to find a wealthy widower who has no others claimants to his assets or whose children are grown-up, he is more likely than not to be of advanced age. While this is usually not a hindrance to many young women in search of a wealthy partner, it does bring in certain complications like failing health and lack of sexual fulfillment in the relationship.



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