Pulse List 2016: Top 10 influencers of the year

In 2016, these individuals (and brand) influenced our online conversation and how we consumed content.

Influence. There are leaders and followers. On social media and on the Internet there are certain individuals who influence the things we consume and watch.

These influencers dictate the pace and move culture forward in their respective fields. They are modern day superstars who are not actors or singers.

They have a huge online presence and thousands of followers. They are the mini-gods of the digital world. Below is a list of top ten influencers of 2016. This list is in no particular oder.

1) Noble Igwe

Hate him or love him, you cannot deny that this man-about-town influenced male fashion in 2016. Casual, formal and traditional attires, Noble Igwe has it locked down on all fronts.

His interest in Style Vitae has further helped pushed his profile as one of the biggest style influencers in Nigeria. His wedding which got a lot of press was a stylish affair from top to bottom.

2) Linda Ikeji

We thought she would could down after 2015, we were wrong.

Linda Ikeji continued her mogul moves by opening her huge office and multi-million Naira studio in Lekki. That was just the tip of the iceberg. Linda Ikeji beat all the tech nerds in Nigeria by opening her own social network. Linda Ikeji Social got 50,000 sign-ups in its first 24 hours. The social network also got featured on CNN.

3) CC Hub/Andela

In 2016, Silicon Valley came to Nigeria as the rock star of social media Mark Zuckerberg paid an unannounced visit to Lagos to check out the tech scene in the city.

The Facebook founder was brought to Lagos thanks to the smart guys at CC Hub (“Nigeria’s first open living lab and pre-incubation space designed to be a multi-functional, multi-purpose space where work to catalyse creative social tech ventures take place”)  and Andela- Nigeria’s world famous start-up.

4) Mary Njoku

The actress and wife of Iroko TV boss Jason Njoku, launched Rok Studios in Sky TV in the UK in September.

Rok Studios is popular for originals including “Husbands of Lagos,” “Desperate Housegirls,” “Losing Control” and “Cougars.” The new channel for Sky customers in the UK brings the latest and best Rok Studios produced TV shows, movies and magazine shows to Sky customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Rok Studios also launched on DSTV later in the year.

5) Colin Udoh

If you need the latest information, scoop and unique angle on any topic concerning Nigerian football and players, Colin Udoh is the man. The football journalist is the link between players and the public.

Colin Udoh who is married to former Super Falcons striker Mercy Akide dictates the pace of Nigerian football online with his inside knowledge and top contacts.

6) Funke Akindele

This lady is the super woman of Nollywood. What can’t she do? This year she further milked the Jenifa brand into a profitable TV series. She is the blueprint for the successful Nollywood entreprenuer.

Through her TV series, she has influenced millions of Nigerian women on love, sex, relationship, AIDS, and other societal issues.

7) AY

You might say his movies are not good but you cannot deny that his movies are very successful. His 2016 movie ‘Trip To Jamaica‘ shattered box office records again despite mixed reviews.

In Nollywood, AY is the king of blockbusters. Trip To Jamaica grossed an amazing N168m at the box office beating the previous record of N137m for ‘30 Days In Atlanta‘ another AY movie.

8) Chimamanda Adichie

Feminism was a big issue in 2016 and Chimamanda Adichie was responsible for keeping the conversation going. Her several essays sparked the conversation of feminism online and continued the drive for gender equality in Nigeria’s patriarchal society.

9) Kraks TV

If you have watched a funny video or skit online chances are that you watched it on one of Kraks TV’s social media accounts.

Kraks TV is the World Star Hip Hop of Nigeria, a curator of ratchet, funny and viral content. No one dominates this space more than it. There are tonnes of viral accounts online but Kraks TV leads the pace.

10) Japheth J. Omojuwa

The blogger and political commentator is still a top influencer. This year he bagged an endorsement deal with Remy Martin.

On the political side of things, Omojuwa influences political discourse on Twitter with his honest views on subject matters.


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