Inter-Tribal Marriages Foster Unity, National Integration – FCT Residents

Some residents of the FCT say inter-tribal marriages will foster unity among the people and a veritable tool for National integration.
The residents, who spoke the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Thursday, said that inter-tribal marriages would foster brotherly love and peace among the different tribes as different people come together.
Mr Uchena Jesse, the Manager of Protex Ltd., located at Wuse 2, said that with increasing urbanisation, towns and cities were becoming more cosmopolitan.
“As private and public institutions are manned and utilised by people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds, they are drawn into close interactions in schools, the workplace and some public utilities like airport, post office, libraries.
“This coming together of people from different backgrounds often leads to cross-cultural marriages.
“Inter-tribal marriage has benefited us more than it disadvantages, three of my friends are in cross-cultural marriages right now and it’s as if they understand each other’s languages so well.
“Their marriages have brought different families together and they now stand as one no matter what, because children will be involved which will lead to raising a generation.
“And with the growth in the society now, inter-cultural marriage will continue to be on the increase, ” Jesse said.
Another resident, Mr Omotola Ilugbuhi, an officer of Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), who lent his voice in support of inter-tribal marriage, said “it fosters unity among the people and a veritable tool for National integration.’’
“Those who are married to people from different tribes tend to be more open, appreciative and tolerant than those who are from the same tribes.
“Differences in culture and ethnicity are often a plus in some marriages, if well managed they can forge strong bonds in a loving relationship,’’ he said.
“I am from Kogi State but am married to an Idoma woman for more than four years and we are blessed with two lovely children.
“Our children will profit from two different cultures, they are multi-lingua. The first son speaks Okun and Idoma fluently aside from speaking foreign languages,’’ he said.
Mr Samuel Iyang, a Police Officer also supported inter-tribal marriage, saying “it is for those aspiring for a career in business or politics.’’
He said that cross cultural marriage could afford one the opportunity to forge strong alliance across cultural and regional divides.
“Intertribal marriage has helped businessmen and women including, politicians to achieve a lot of success.
“It has soothed deep rooted inter-tribal distrust suspicion and prejudice among two geo-political actors,’’ he added. (NAN)


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