These headphones listen to your heart so they can suggest the right music


These Headphones Listen to Your Heart So They Can Suggest the Right Music
There’s no shortage of in-ear headphone options out there but ONE is hoping to stand out from the crowd with a unique selling point — heart rate detection.

The headphones are able to pick up your heart rate, making personalized music suggestions based on what’s best for your heart and mental health at the current time. Learning your preferences, it builds on that knowledge, formulating routines that are perfect for while you’re working or when you’re exercising.

It’s well know the right musical choice can make all the difference to one’s motivation, and ONE takes out the guesswork through its scientific evaluation. A tap of its app, and the built-in heart rate and motion sensors diagnose your current state and run from there. It’ll even keep an eye on when your stress levels improve and what made the difference.

ONE was devised by Chris Chan and Edd Gash, combining Chan’s decade long experience in audio and electronics, and Gash’s 10 year experience in IoT and sports related devices. Named ONE because of its ability to offer multiple uses in one device; fashion, high quality audio and automated music pairing, we spoke to the team to learn about how it came about.

“Inspiration was drawn from heart rate and all the things it hasn’t been used for,” the ONE team says. “…The role that music plays as a source of encouragement rather than the current metrics being used on the market.

“Music is still the most important aspect of relaxation, zoning out, sports and so on, but the correlation between the body, the heart and music seems to be very thin and underrated,” the team says.

From that idea, the concept for ONE was born.

With Kickstarter seeming like a natural fit for the project, the team got to work on testing and developing the device. The most crucial part was the algorithm involved in making it work accurately. Its technology licensor, Activhearts, proved a considerable help here, thanks to its long history of heart rate detection and HRV analysis.

“Together with our teams, including psychological and data teams, we carried out different sets of tests to test out our theories and ultimately to fine tune our algorithms.”

In the case of the psychological team, the main task was to prove that stress detection through HRV measurement was valid. By doing so, the ONE team could prove the theory that music can be used as a serious source of encouragement as well as affect moods. Tests were conducted through the help of a few universities, showing the positive effects involved.

Once that was established, prototypes were designed, eventually leading to the ONE. The ONE is stylish to look at, but impressively, is made of “cast offs” from factories making other products and leaving spare materials behind. Each unit is built with copper, zinc and environmentally-friendly Italian grade genuine leather. The team prides itself on being as environmentally-friendly as possible while maintaining a high quality.

Combined with the unique heart rate monitoring feature, the ONE headphones seem like the ideal mixture of fashion and technology. They’re currently available via a Kickstarter campaign.

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