Nigerians in Azerbaijan elects new president

5 May 2014

The Azerbaijan chapter of Nigerians In Diaspora (NIDO) elected new president of the organization.

Nick Nwolisa, who has lived in Azerbaijan for over 8 years, was elected the new president of the organization.

Nwolisa is one of the visible Nigerians engaged in productive activities in Azerbaijan.

It is expected that under the leadership of Nwolisa, assisted by Akinropo Agbabiaka who was also elected into the office of the Vice President of the organization, Nigerians living in Azerbaijan will continue to contribute positively to the society and thereby strengthen the relationship between Nigeria and Azerbaijan.

Nigeria and Azerbaijan have a lot to benefit from a stronger tie considering that both countries play significant role in global energy as well as in respective regional policies.

In the absence of a physical embassy in Azerbaijan, the NIDO -Azerbaijan serves as the first direct support for Nigerians.

The organization activities in Azerbaijan are well-known and documented with the Nigerian embassy in Iran which has the mandate to cover Azerbaijan as well. Additionally, the organization has continued to work with other NIDO group worldwide, but mainly with NIDO Europe, where the Azerbaijan chapter was inducted as the 20th member.

“It is with a heart of service that I accept this position as president. I understand the responsibility of leading an entire country, to put myself as the reference figure for all Nigerian in Azerbaijan. I have always lived by showing good example in Azerbaijan and I will continue to do so. I hope by the end of my tenure, the relationship between Nigeria and Azerbaijan would become stronger,” Nwolisa said.

Nigerians living in Azerbaijan are engaged in various decent works of life. Nigerians are engaged in the oil and gas sectors, as businessmen (entrepreneurs and self-proprietors), employees of various companies (as entertainers, engineers, TOEFL, IELTs, Sport teachers), sportsmen (top league footballers) and also students. At the moment, there are between 80 – 100 Nigerians living in Azerbaijan, including children.

It should be noted that NIDO (Nigeria In Diaspora Organization) is the largest organization representing Nigerians living abroad. NIDO is recognized by the Nigerian government and most countries of Europe, Asia and the Americas have their various chapter.


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