Nigerians get taste of Azerbaijani dolma, gutab

06 OCTOBER 2015


Azerbaijan was represented at the Banana Cultural Festival, held in Nigerian city of Lagos.

The only Azerbaijani living in Nigeria Billura Bayramova attended the event, which is aimed to promote the culture, traditions and histories of countries abroad.

As part of the event, representatives from 18 countries who are living in Lagos — Morocco, Tunis, Egypt, France, Italy, UK, Turkey, Kenya and others – offered information about their respective homelands.

Visitors had the chance to taste delicious samples of Azerbaijani cuisine, such as dolma, gutab, plov and sweet pakhlava.

Azerbaijani folk dance “Tarakama” was also performed at the event.

Foreign ambassadors, representatives of foreign companies based in Lagos, as well as the Nigerian Minister of Culture and other officials attended the event.

The relationship between Azerbaijan and Nigeria is developing successfully. The two countries support each other in several international organizations.

Nigeria recognized the independence of Azerbaijan in 1992. The first Nigerian ambassador to Azerbaijan, Alhaji Tukur, was appointed in 2012.

In the absence of a physical embassy in Baku, the Azerbaijani branch of the Nigeria In Diaspora Organization, or NIDO, serves as the first direct support for Nigerians living in country.

The organization’s activities in Azerbaijan are well known and documented with the Nigerian embassy in Iran, which has the mandate to cover Azerbaijan as well.

NIDO is the largest organization representing Nigerians living abroad. NIDO is recognized by the Nigerian government and most countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas, all of which have chapters.

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