My husband cheated but I joined the Betrayed Wives Club and now I’m happy with his mistress’s man

From being dumped for their ‘younger, prettier’ friends to catching a husband sending pictures of their penis to their mistress, betrayed women reveal how infidelity has made them able to help each other.


Whether it’s an illicit text exchange, a secret date or a full-blown affair, finding out your partner has been cheating on you is a heartbreaking experience.

So, one group of betrayed women have decided to work together to help each other to overcome the trauma – by revealing their stories and sharing tips on how to both spot and deal with cheaters.

The spurned lovers have bonded through The Betrayed Wives Club – an online space for spouses and girlfriends who have fallen victim to unfaithful partners.

While many have been abandoned for ‘mistresses’, some have struggled with the anguish of discovering sexually explicit texts and photos to other women on their husbands’ phones.


Others have been cheated on while pregnant, left ‘penniless and in debt’ by their spouses and dumped for their ‘younger, prettier’ best friends.

And several simply have suspicions that their long-term partners are deceiving them – but need advice on how to uncover evidence of the supposed affairs. So they have decided to turn to a pool of women – with experience – for advice.

In response to the women’s stories, other members of the club tell them they are ‘amazing’ and ‘strong’ – and give them tips on how to catch out their other halves.

The Betrayed Wives Club, which has a dedicated website and Facebook page , is run by a woman called ‘Ariella’, who has a son with an ‘unfaithful’ former partner.

Speaking to Mirror Online, she said the group “provides betrayed women with a voice” – and has also helped her ‘tremendously’ in getting over her own heartbreak.

Perhaps controversially, she added that she believes men are not solely to blame for cheating – because, in her words, their mistresses or dates ‘allow’ them to do so.

To find out about the six main types of cheating, click here .

“A man has a responsibility to remain faithful to his wife, but I believe we as women allow men to cheat,” said Ariella, who uses a pseudonym to protect her identity.

“If women actually respected other women and refrained from involving themselves with married or taken men, men would be unable to cheat.”

Below are some of the stories from ‘club members’ – from a woman who was dumped on her anniversary to a wife who was contacted out of the blue by her husband’s mistress.

Thankfully, not all of them have unhappy endings.

He dumped me on our anniversary for my younger, prettier friend

One woman says her husband forgot to buy her a card or a present for their anniversary.

Instead, he asked her for a divorce.

The jilted wife later discovered her spouse had fallen for one of her friends – someone who was eight years younger and supposedly ‘prettier’ than her.

In an anonymous open letter to her now ex- husband, the woman writes: “It’s been almost four years since you asked me for a divorce.

“It also happened to be our anniversary, which you forgot.

“I shouldn’t really have been surprised since two days prior my best friend had to remind you that it was my birthday.

You left me for a younger, prettier woman. I use the term ‘woman’ loosely as in reality she was a girl. Eight years my junior and to borrow the term, a ‘cool girl’.

“I was so stupid that it was only after the divorce was final that I found out about her. Without sounding clichéd, but did you really have to pick her; my friend?”

The woman, whose letter was posted on The Betrayed Wives Club’s website, adds: “Funny how she didn’t last long. Did you really think a relationship based on deceit would?”

Fortunately, the furious ex-wife says her story has a happy ending – she has since found a new man who is ‘utterly stunning’ and frequently compliments her.

“I’m never going to be a supermodel or win a Nobel prize, but I deserve love. I deserve to be loved with the same intensity that I love,” she writes.

I caught him sending pictures of his PENIS to another woman

Another woman says she was horrified to catch her husband exchanging sexually explicit photos with someone else in the middle of the night.

The distraught wife sent a Facebook message to ‘Ariella’ the day after her discovery, asking for advice from other betrayed spouses and girlfriends.

In the message, posted on the club’s Facebook page earlier this month, she wrote: “The pain, hate, anguish…The emotions are endless.

“I woke up last night at 3:30 am only to catch the glimpse of a flash on the deck.

“My husband couldn’t see me standing behind him but I saw several pictures of his penis… to send to someone via FB [Facebook].

“I lost my mind, grabbed the phone and saw all her naked pics to him. The thread was long so I’m guessing this has been going on for a while.

“I haven’t been to sleep since…”

She added: “I guess I just need some support from someone who understands. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you.”

In response, another woman revealed she has gone through a similar experience – and had chosen to stand by her partner and move on.

“I chose my love for him over my anger,” wrote the woman, describing how her husband recently admitted to having an eight-year affair.

“If you love him enough to forgive him and move on then do it. Don’t let people tell you to ditch him if you want to give him another chance.”

He ended our marriage while I was pregnant – then I lost our unborn son

A third member of the club revealed her husband ended their marriage while she was pregnant with their son.

Shortly after, she tragically lost the unborn baby.

In an anonymous letter to her ex, posted on the site, the woman revealed she was distraught when he walked into their bedroom and suddenly announced he was leaving her.

She said: “I remember the day you walked into our room and announced abruptly you were leaving and unhappy…

“You saying that you didn’t think it would matter if you left was a cop-out. You leaving was beyond devastating to me…”

Shockingly, the woman even suggests that her husband believed losing their son was a ‘sign’ that they should not be together.

“You said [him] dying was a sign. Who says such things or has such thoughts?!?!” she asked in the letter, posted on The Betrayed Wives Club’s website.

He cheated on me – but now I’m happy with his mistress’s man

One woman describes her partner’s affair as a ‘blessing in disguise’ – because she’s in a happy relationship with his mistress’s spurned husband.

The mum-of- two says she was shocked when her rival’s spouse ‘looked her up’ to tell her that his wife was engaged in an illicit relationship with her partner.

United in grief, she says she and the betrayed husband then became good friends, comforting each other as they tried to come to terms with their losses.

In the process, they fell in love.

“He became my best friend… he listened to me being dumb as hell saying I still wanted you,” the woman wrote in an open letter to her ex-partner.

“Man was I stupid but I’m glad her husband was there to listen and not influence my decision because that’s what attracted me to him the most.

“Today, I just want to say ‘thank you’! My life couldn’t be anymore perfect.”

He texts his ‘friend’ thousands of times – is there more to it?

A fifth member writes she is ‘freaking out’ after discovering her husband has been texting and calling a female ‘friend’ thousands of times.

In an anonymous message posted on the club’s Facebook page, the woman describes how she and her spouse have had a ‘rocky’ relationship for years.

She asks other members: “Honest question when having relationship problems do u text a friend (mind u of the opposite sex) thousands of times n calls many times…

“…and when asked by your wife u lie n that friend lies is it wrong for the wife to freak the f*** out when she she finds out the truth? (sic)”


She adds: “Yep phone records speaks the,truth..and I mean when you hide ur phone n delete it..oh and breaks one phone you don’t expect the wife to not trust you… (sic).”

The mum-of- three ends the post with: “Help!”

I’m sure he’s cheating on me – but how do I get proof?

Another woman sent a Facebook message to ‘Ariella’, asking other members for advice on how to prove her husband had been cheating on her.

In the message, posted publicly on the site, the woman revealed she has caught her spouse engaging in what appear to be ‘chat sessions’ on his laptop.

In each instance, she say he ‘quickly and desperately’ tried to close off the webpages.

He also made excuses for why he needs to go out ‘places’ alone and sometimes disappears for hours with no explanation, she claimed.

“I suspect my husband of cheating on me. I NEED to know for sure and even though the signs are there, I need definite proof,” the woman wrote in the message.

“I have checked his laptop browser history, but he’s not stupid. He would delete it all so I wouldn’t be able to find it. I just need definite proof and I have no idea how to get it…

“Is there a way for me to obtain proof I need after browsing history has been deleted? I’m desperate. Please help!”

In reply, one member said: “Put a find a friend app on his phone. It’ll GPS his location to your phone.”

Another advised: “Maybe you could have a friend follow him and ‘run into him’ somewhere that you know he’s going to be at?”

And one wrote: “My ex was like this – I found his phone bills and he was calling and texting this woman 7-8 times a day while we were away on a family holiday.

“I was never allowed near his computer because it was for ‘business use only’ – sorry but that’s proof enough for me to kick him out!”

He slept with her because of our ‘sexless’ love life

A seventh member reveals she was distraught to find out her husband had cheated on her – from the ‘other woman’ herself.

She says she later asked her spouse why he had strayed – and his response was that their marriage had been ‘sexless’ for months.

But she says despite his betrayal, she doesn’t want to ‘lose him’.

In a message, posted on The Betrayed Wives Club’s Facebook page, she writes: “I learned this weekend that my husband cheated on me.

“How?! The other woman sent me a private message telling me about the affair. I thought it was a joke but after asking her a few questions, my fears were confirmed.

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