Men Love Seductresses But the Reasons Why Will Surprise You

For years I believed that men loved strippers and prostitutes and all kinds of seductresses in-between because those women were easy and essentially uncomplicated.

But coaching men has opened my eyes to see men and their sexual choices in a much different light – one that I feel every woman should consider, if she has an interest in loving a man and having a beautiful, fulfilling sex life.

Men love seductive women for one very specific and powerful reason.

Seductresses make men feel desired.  

Many men are terrified of being rejected by a woman – even their wives. It’s up there with dropping off a cliff or being mauled by a shark.

Seductresses actually like the attention of men.

They go out of their way to express acceptance of men. They hold a “court” that is rejection-free and invite the masculine to play.

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