Q & A: How to get USA visa in Nigeria?

How to get your dream US visa in Nigeria? What tips are the best? How to do it as fast as possible? You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about US visa applications here!


Most Nigerian people dream to travel to the USA. So Nigerians always believe that immediately after a long flight from Nigeria to America, they finally make it, all their problems are over. So USA visa in Nigeria is like a dream.

People often blame their deep desperation to go to the USA on the failure of Nigerian government to create a proper environment for Nigerian youths to develop.

Some Nigerians believe that all the American streets are made of up diamonds and gold.  It’s not, but indeed this country has a lot of opportunities. This article will certainly give you all the needed information about US visa in Nigeria.

Before you start gathering money for a flight to USA, you must get your American visa. An American visa means a special endorsement on your own Nigerian passport indicating that you have a permission to enter the United States of America –the purpose of visit and also the duration of stay are stated there. If you want to get US visa in Nigeria, you should follow these steps:


1. You should go to Nigeria Immigration Service office and make a Nigerian International passport.

2. Visit US embassy in Nigeria. It may be Consulate General in Lagos or American Embassy in Abuja. You should apply there, however before you do that it would be better for you to know what to expect.

3. Choose the proper visa type that corresponds your situation. There are a few types of visas so you should understand all of them and carefully choose the visa that is the best for you. You should note that there you can find common nonimmigrant visas being created for those people who want to visit USA on a short stay – it may be business trip, students, holidaying, etc. – and also there are different immigrant visas for people, who would like to live in the US permanently.

4. As soon as you choose the visa you would like to have, you should pay USA visa fee in Nigeria.

5. At this stage you should carefully complete the special DS-160 form after learning all its guidelines. Note that as soon as you submit this special form, you cannot make any changes anymore.

6. Then you should create your profile on special U.S. Embassy system by visiting. They will ask you your email address and also your password for this.

7. After you confirm your account from email, you should login to your dashboard.

8. When your appointment has been scheduled for you on a needed day, you will need to have the following documents –the receipt of deposit from GTBank, applicant’s passport number, 10 digits barcode from your (we’ve written about it above) DS-160 confirmation page

9. When you will be on the page you will have to fill out different web forms for your biodata, confirm visa payment, document delivery location and schedule appointment.

10. You should visit US Embassy on the scheduled date and time of your visa interview

  • Consult your immigration lawyer when you are filing out the special DS-160 form
  • You will get a permission to stay in the United States of America for only 90 days if you are going for pleasure or business (and choose the proper visa)
  • To schedule your appointment indeed means that some official from US Embassy in Nigeria will interview you to find out ‘whether you really need to go to America’ and this meeting will determine whether you get your visa or not. Sadly, but often they frustrate a lot of Nigerians.
  • If the official decided to approve your visa, it will be sent to your chosen preciously document delivery location.
  • When you are going to your visa interview, you should go with your passport (which must be valid 6 months beyond the period you want to stay in the USA), visa payment receipt from GTBank, your email address and also phone number, and some other documents, which you may consider pretty relevant to this interview.
  • Constant rescheduling of the interviews by applicants can make the official to ask him to buy another visa. But remember that all the payments, which you make to the Consulate are totally non-refundable.
  • Your immigrant visa can only be applied in Lagos, at the US Consulate Office, but not at the US Embassy in Abuja.
  • The sum you will have to pay for getting an American visa always depends on the type of US visa you are applying for. So the official will tell you.
  • You can choose any GTBank branch nearby and pay for your visa there.
  • All payments should be made only in dollars (because it is the local currency of the USA).
  • Payments for adults or for children for their nonimmigrant visa are between $190 to $265, they are paid at GTBank.
  • Sometimes people are asked to show their account statement in order to prove that a person has a stipulated amount. This often happens, when people are going for business.
  • So these are all the facts you should know if you want to apply for your US visa in Nigeria.

When you follow all our tips and meet all the needed requirements above, you become very close to having your US visa, and so going to your desirable America.

It is rather dismal that a lot of Nigerians keep sleeping at the doors of US embassy just in order to get a dream American visa. But unfortunately, they often failed to realize that a lot of Nigerians, who have gone to the USA, were deported, and they came back home, to Nigeria, empty handed.

Therefore, if you want go to the USA, don’t just learn about applying for American visa, but also make good plans and smart answers for your interviewer in order to convince him that you are going to America with no dangerous purpose. It must be valuable for you and them and you are not going to create any troubles to US government.

In any case, visiting the US is a very good thing because America has much more opportunities for you; you will learn a lot of new things; nowadays America has more stable democracy and a better working system. The people are protected and the rights and lives of each one matters to the government.Travel, make your dreams come true! Do not stop if you meet some difficulties – they will disappear and you will be proud of yourself that you’ve managed to do that!



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