‘Baby Daddy’ Season 6 Update, Cast & Spoilers: Danny To Battle In WWE With John Hennigan; Freeform Updates New Storyline

Fans of “Baby Daddy” Season 6 won’t have to wait long as Freeform will have Danny, Riley and the whole gang soon enough. The upcoming sixth season will have even bigger surprises as the cast will be joined by WWE wrestler, John Hennigan.

a few changes with the characters and a time jump from “Baby Daddy” Season 5. At the thought of Danny becoming the newest baby Daddy, Berendsen admitted that there is no point for Danny not becoming a responsible father since he is always there for Riley.

While Freeform has not yet disclosed the official air date of “Baby Daddy” season 6 but it can be seen that the upcoming season will have Riley and Danny’s issues love issues resolved, Bustle reported. Fans can expect that the sixth season will have new storylines and Danny becoming a wrestler with the help of Ryan.

According to reports, Ryan will ask Danny to join his second-tier league of wrestlers. The comedy show will bring in more mystery as Danny finds out that Ryan and Danny’s mom has a secret past. Dan Berendsen did not reveal what that secret past is but it will be a sure exciting episode to happen on “Baby Daddy” Season 6.

As for other revelations regarding returning cast, Elle (Katie Gill) is expected to return in “Baby Daddy” Season 6. Elle will come back to give Ben a little quest regarding love.


What do you think is Ryan’s secret past? Do you think Danny will be a responsible father in “Baby Daddy” Season 6? Share us your thoughts below.



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