Cabbage: Cook and heal with this herb

This herbaceous plant of the cruciferaefamily bears succulent fleshy and succulent leaves that can fight constipation, colds, flu and even premature aging!

Cabbage brings to mind the common vegetable finely shredded as cole slaws. It popularly features in salads and sandwiches. When making a great vegetable stew or sauce, one of the main ingredients has to be cabbage. This vegetable is frequently served as side dish in many traditional meals across the world and can be seen in major fast food chains as well. It can be eaten raw, steamed, boiled, sautéed,  stuffed as well as juiced.Many people love it servedwith fish and chips drenched increams and dressings. Tastes yummy, isn’t it? But not healthful. Try serving your cabbage without creams or anysugary/fatty dressing.

Cabbage is relatively an economical winner, though it’s becoming more expensive these days. What I love most is that it is available throughout the year and stores very well too. A whole cabbage will keep in the refrigerator for seven to 14 days, and about five or six days when chopped.

Apart from its culinary values, cabbage is also highly medicinal and so should be seen as more than just a “slaw”.Documentation and research carried out on extracts from leaves indicate a wide range of phytochemical compounds including sulphur (glucosinolates),vitamins C, E, K, B3 as well as folic acid, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium,manganese,calcium, certain amino acids and essential fatty acids. The active properties of cabbage have many therapeutic applications in many traditional medicines as anti-diarrhea, anti inflammatory, anti allergenic  and anti oxidant functions.The proximate composition includes protein, carbohydrate and fiber.

So take full advantage of this superfood by cooking it minimally or not at all toenjoy its full health benefits as follows:

Fight colds and flu with cabbage

Cabbage has been used medicinally for millennia. Modern research now supports the use of its extracts as a treatment for coughs and colds.  Due to its richness in vitamin C and antioxidants, cabbage enhances the immune system. In addition,  laboratory studies have shown that cabbage  also has significant anti-inflammatory and anti allergenic abilities. Taking cabbage extracts may help you  recover from flu faster and even with less severe symptoms.

Treats ulcer

Raw cabbage has been shown to relieve excess stomach acid, pain and curestomach ulcers. Fermented cabbage juice is very potent and seems to be about as effective as regular antacids in relieving gas and pain associated with stomach ulcers.It may also interest you to know that fermented cabbage juice provides a high density source of a wide range of beneficial live bacteria which assist in the digestive process as well.

Lowers cholesterol

If you have been searching for a natural cholesterol reducer, search no more! Cabbage is an effective cholesterol reducer. It prevents bile from absorbing fat after a meal, which lowers the overall amount of cholesterol in the body.

Prevents piles

Cabbage is said to be the stomach’s best friend, thanks to its amazing source of fiber. Thefiber and water content of cabbage helps to maintain a healthy digestive tract and prevent constipation, a major causative factor of piles.  Eating adequate fiber promotes regularity, which is crucial for the daily excretion of toxins through the bile and stool.

Helps pregnant and breast feeding  mothers

Cabbage is also used to treat morning sickness and  breast engorgement (hard, painful breasts) in breast-feeding women. Whole leaves used as compress or leaf extracts applied as cream  to the skin of the breasts may relive pain and swellings.

Prevents and fights cancer:

Cabbage contains sulfur-based compounds called glucosinolates that have anti-carcinogenic properties. Studies have shown that glucosinolate hydrolysis products could help prevent cancer (especially of the colon, stomach, lungs and breasts) by either by enhancing the elimination of carcinogens before they can damage DNA or  altering cell-signaling pathways in ways that help prevent normal cells from being transformed into cancerous cells. For instance, cabbage may alter the metabolism or activity of hormones like estrogen in ways that inhibit the development of hormone-sensitive cancers like breast cancer.

Controls weight

Cabbage is often considered a “diet friendly food” and may play a role in weight loss because of its high water and fiber content.Many studies have shown that dietary fiber may even play a role in regulating the immune system and inflammation, consequently decreasing the risk of inflammation-related conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and of course obesity.

Fights depression

If you are suffering from depression, cabbage may the missing link in diet. It’s tyrosine component  acts as a neurotransistor which is very much important in the fight against depression as well as in the good performance of pituitary and thyroid glands.When consumed adequately, the victim will experience improvement of the mental conditions and revitalization of the whole system, thanks to  the glutaminic acid content of cabbage.

Prevents premature aging

Its sulfur compounds give antioxidant protection and help the liver in the detoxification process which is the way to ahealthy living.And since, it is high in both water and fiber as noted earlier, cabbage promotes optimal functioning of the body’s natural detoxification systems. In addition, the high vitamin C and anti-oxidant levels protectyour cells from toxins and premature aging. The vitaminC plays a fundamental role in the formation of the collagen, which is the protein that firms the basic structure of your skin. Collagen breakdown can leave your skin saggy, so why not add cabbage to your diet for that added vitamin C advantage?Cabbage will not only provide anti aging properties but alsohelp in repairing damaged  skin cells.


Cabbage has anti-inflammatory properties. Applied externally, it can relieve pain- such as osteoarthritis, joint pain, back ache, etc. Heat a cabbage leaf and apply it on the painful area.

Cabbage: Cook and heal with this herb



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