South Africa has just been named the best-value holiday destination in the world

South Africa is the best-value long-haul holiday destination for the British according to the country’s annual Post Office report, which surveys prices in 34 resorts and cities.

Cape Town overtook Bali for the first time, with the latter having been at the top for three years before a price hike in 2016.

The report used prices researched by long haul holiday specialist Travelbag. At  for a ‘basket’ of 10 tourist items, including meals and drinks, the South African city was £48.89 (R831) significantly cheaper than runner-up Bali (£62.56), where the cost of eating out has mushroomed by over 50% in the past 12 months.

As a result, tourist prices are now 28% higher than in Cape Town, the report said. Tokyo was ranked third (£63.87), followed by Kenya’s Mombasa coastline (£69.41) and Colombo, Sri Lanka (£70.61).

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Cape Town’s basket of goods has cost £41.58 in 2015.

Additional notable popular resorts included those in Mexico, Thailand, and Grand Baie, Mauritius (£83.70) which made the Post Office top 10 for the third consecutive year.


Echoing the 2015 results, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai was the most expensive destination surveyed at £199.34 – over four times the price for the same tourist items in Cape Town.

Muscat, Oman, English Harbour, Antigua, and Auckland, New Zealand also ranked among the more expensive destinations on the list.

Travelbag said that countries including South Africa, Bali, Phuket and Mexico are destinations that are growing in popularity because of a combination of good value packages and affordable prices for local tourist goods.


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