Nigerian man has 97 wives, intends to marry more

A man in Nigeria has 97 wives and recently said he intends to marry more.

The Independent reports that Mohammed Bello Abubakar, age 92, voiced his future plans while clarifying that he was still “very much alive” despite area news reports to the contrary.

He also said of the many marriages, “What I am doing is divine. It is an assignment and I will keep doing it till the end.”

Abubakar has previously noted that if it were up to him, he would have stopped at two wives, but that is not God’s will.
Though he describes his numerous nuptials as the fulfillment of a divine mandate, many scholars of Islam say followers of the faith are limited to taking 4 wives.

Area religious leaders have likened Abubakar’s household to a cult, and, in 2008, a court in Nigeria demanded he divorce the vast majority of his spouses.

Not only did he decline to comply with the order, he has likened such oppositionto, “…waging war against God…”




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